Lazy kinda day-Day 10

I am having one of those lazy kind of days today. SD had some work so he dropped Aadi at school and I could just stay in my PJs.After SD came back,we had chai and brekky and then I  had to go in to finish some of my work.But,it being a non-operative day,I could go in my Pjs  trackies …So I went in finished the work and now,just lazying around.Nanhi is taking a nap,so is SD-he is officially off work now,until early next year! 

I can use the time to cook,after all I have a whole lot dishes that I could cook after my big grocery run..but I just couldn’t be bothered. But,the meals are not going to cook themselves..So…I  M.U.S.T get up! LOL!

I am loving these daily posts-Instead of having a silent dialogue with myself,I can put it out here,not really best-seller material..but really what else would you expect on a personal blog?:P 

In other news,I have been going crazy on Pinterest looking for the perfect present for Aadi’s teacher..Sometimes I feel,I love her more than Aadi does!LOL! And she has worked so hard with Aadya this year,I really want to show her how much we all appreciate her. I mean seriously,if Aadya eats her school meals today,all the credit goes to Mrs.W.

Check this out,loads of ideas for DIY presents here 🙂
And now I should step away from the laptop and start cooking..:)


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  1. My weekend was super lazy too but for some funny reason I feel guilty! 😦

  2. One point for diy project is Pinterest, I simply love that website 🙂 At times I get doubt how to read the name! either its coined as p-interest or pinte-rest (in short it was a portal started by a person name ‘p’ to share his interest or a craft one do when they take rest!!!)what ever you search, at-least a one idea will come once you drive through !!!!! post it once you done it 🙂 🙂

  3. Happy Cooking? Whats for lunch?

  4. Truly seconded the idea of these blog posts being a conversation with people more than myself. 🙂

  5. Let us know what you finally got the teacher. NEed some inspiration for my xmas gift list.

  6. Oh his teacher will love any gift of appreciation that u might buy for her, I m sure

  7. pinterest has me glued always!!!

  8. Looking forward to what you come up with.
    And ya I love pinterest too. 🙂 Got over the addiction with much difficulty.

  9. I swear it’s so tough finding that perfect gift. I have been racking my brains and even went for some window shopping today to get some inspiration but came back even more confused and empty handed 😦 I need to finalize things this week pukka!

  10. I love those kind of days :).. hope you had a good one, and found that perfect gift too!

  11. Liked that ‘instead of silent dialogue with self’. Hehheh. And I guess we can expect DIY posts coming up next. Good luck. 🙂

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