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Its that time of the year..

I am getting restless and nervous. Aadi starts school in two days..My Babushka,my big girl is really a big girl.She starts Grade 1 on Thursday! 

I can feel the same butterflies that I felt in my stomach,at the end of every school/college vacation.Tomorrow she also starts Ballet.She has been wanting to do Ballet for a long time. Finally we are ready.So tomorrow is the first lesson. She is so excited about it.

I think she can feel the same butterflies as I do..because she has been so teary as well..and clingy and today,out of nowhere,she told me that she would miss me at school,in the smallest voice ever. 

I know she will be fine..but I will miss her tonnes..and the little monkey who follows her around all day long,will be sad too!  Please take a minute to wish my sweetheart all the luck,as she begins a new year at school!


Not so happy bedtime

Today was the first time that both the girls went to bed crying!Aadi because she wants one of us to sleep with her,and stay in bed,till she doesn’t fall asleep.The first night I stayed with her 5 extra minutes,when I went to tuck her in..then she came out crying ..that she wants her mum or dad. SD went next day and he stayed till she didn’t fall asleep.The problem is this way-instead of falling asleep in 5 minutes,she takes 30 mins- 1 hour,because she has to ask that last question,have a drink,go to toilet,feels know  the whole Shbaam! 

Every night when bedtime comes,she starts this.Tonight I put my foot down and said,she has to go to sleep on her own otherwise,she can stay up all night,in bed. SD was mad at me for asking him to leave her alone,but she needs her routine,what with school starting next week. Anyway,she was upset,cried her little heart out and then yelled out to me,”I am ready to sleep now” and was asleep 5 minutes later.

Nanhi is another story. She fell asleep,when we went to get our take-away dinner. And then woke up half way through my dinner.And then she wanted to play.SD and I took turns putting her to sleep,but she didn’t..finally we left her alone and she came out to look for an iPad(!!!)- I know!!! SD put it away and there was a huge tantrum..finally,about lots of crying,big sighs,she fell asleep. 

Finally both are sleeping..the trouble with our girls’ bedtime is their over-indulgent dad!LOL! yes,I set a routine and then he feels bad for them..takes me on the evil mommy guilt-trip and cuddles with them,rocks them extra long,gives them that extra story after lights-out,brings them into our bed ,even if it means we have to sleep like sardines in a tin! Tonight there were tears and I got nasty looks.. but SD is on a relaxed assignment now so he has time for all this.And I don’t blame him for wanting those extras..but my point is,do all that,before bed-time.Because I know,if he gets on a busier assignment,then it will fall on my shoulders.And I need some down-time every night to stay sane.As I thought aloud(intentionally!!) I give them all my time,through out the day..nights are for me-time!

Hopefully tomorrow will be peaceful!

More later…


18 Months and counting..

Yes..My gorgeous smiley toddler turned 18 mo today(23rd January)…WOW! 1.5 yrs since she entered this world and she’s already taken it over,one person at a time. She had me hooked-even before she came into this world..Papa was smitten when the dr confirmed what mumma suspected and most importantly,Didi,the uncontested Princess of our home,fell in love with her,from the first ultrasound..the love only got deeper,when she came out..and now,our first Princess is ready to be this baby Princess’ slave..happily over and over again..And what does Princess Ananya want ?She just wants her didi 🙂

Didi is – Her partner-in-crime,her rival,her role-model,her love,her voice,her life,her very existence! Her day starts with and ends with one word-“Aadya” yes..she doesn’t call her didi..when we ask her where is didi,she corrects us,”Aadya”..All babies,say mumma,when they cry..this one says,”Aadya”..she does say mumma..when she is mad at Aadya! 

My little monkey,follows her sister’s every action.I think in her mind,she thinks she is 5 and not 1! Seriously,she won’t let me give her a bath,nope,she now has a shower with her big sister! She won’t let me feed her..she eats her own meals.She won’t let me ‘baby’ her 😦 

She has so many new words- The cutest is “No wayy” she has been saying it,for two days now..and it cracks us up,every single time. We were at a restaurant and I took her to the restroom with me and she tried to open the door,when I told her to wait..she looked me in the eye and said,”No mumma,No wait!” She wasn’t sleeping,so I told her,do you want to go out in the dark?she just,I took her to the dark guestroom and showed her whats dark..(I know evil mommy me) and she said no dark..I said ok..and then we cuddled up and fell asleep.The next morning,Aadi wasn’t ‘listening’ to she told her off in baby babble and then finished off with a very stern,”Aadi,dark?” All of us burst out laughing..and then she told me off..very angrily! LOL!

She is a little livewire..yes she is! I don’t remember toddlerhood being so full-on when it was just Aadi..Nanhi takes everything to a whole new level..Tantrums have already started and between you and me..I am scared of her and her tantrums. 

We are still nowhere close to be weaned off from breast feeding and she still doesn’t like Cow’s milk,but sometime in the last month or was it the month before(see she has taken over my brain space!LOL!),she weaned herself off from her pacifier..just like tears,no drama,no hiding..she stopped taking it..there is one still sitting on my bedside table,she doesn’t even look at it. Actually,I should get rid of it,while I think of it…:)

We are going through a very clingy phase right now,she wants Mumma around all the time,even when playing with Papa and didi. I am mostly happy about the attention,except when she insists on going to the toilet with me..she follows me inside and closes the door!LOL! But Papa and Didi aren’t too pleased about not being the center of her attention all the time! 

Yesterday,Aadi planned a super celebration for Nanhi’s mini-birthday.. we got her a present and then got a return gift,as well.Then there was chocolate cake and Chinese food for dinner.And all day long,Aadi kept calling her birthday girl..and we sang Happy Birthday to Nanhi so many times..Anan kept singing Birday Birday too.. She wanted a drink bottle from Kmart and SD said no and put it back on the shelf..Nanhi made a Puppy-dog face and said,Birday..I don’t need to tell you,how quickly SD picked up the bottle and gave it to her!

Every day,I thank God for the miracle that is my babies..and every day,I thank Him for giving me a chance to be there with them,to feel them,to watch them grow..18 months ago,she slipped into our lives,quietly..they had to wake her up,to make her cry..Now,she is the noise of our lives..and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Happy Birday Birday,my Ananya..Love you so much my Nanna..


Nature at its best

I have often read blogs and come across pictures of beautiful views taken after a walk or run,early morning.I often wished,I could be there..I was fortunate enough to find one such view after my walk on Saturday morning.

A friend and I walked 10.5kms,came back totally shattered and sore..but so totally worth it!

Daadu-Daadi’s visit

SD and Aadi have gone out for a movie today and Nanhi and I are chilling at home.We had planned to go along and hit the shops at the mall,while they watched the movie,but by the time we woke up,SD and Aadi were ready to go and I didn’t have the drive to get dressed quickly..I needed my cuppa more than shopping!!
Anyway,so since I had time,I figured a blog post was in order..:) Time is flying,girls are growing up so quickly..everyday brings with it so many special moments and I am worried,I might forget them.So,here I am trying to feverishly document everything…
ILs visited and it was a surprise for the girls.Luckily for us,their flight was arriving at 9 am.So,SD left for the airport,while the girls were still sleeping.When Aadi woke and saw that I had changed out of my PJs,her first question was-‘why are you dressed up,are you going somewhere?’ yup!she is a smart cookie! Next question-‘Where is Papa?Has he gone to office?But its his chutti(holiday)’ I told her,I woke up early,so decided to have an early shower,so that I could spend time with my girls when they woke up and Papa had gone to get somethings from the shops. ‘What things?’ she asked and I said,may be its a surprise,we should wait and watch.So we waited and we waited and when you are 5 every minute seems an hour long..Anyway,soon Nanhi woke up and Aadi updated her about the surprise.
The girls were busy playing when SD got home.I heard the garage open and told the girls that Papa was home and got the camera ready.Aadi saw her Daadu-Daadi step out of the car and she started jumping with joy!I cannot describe her joy! Daadu picked up Nanhi first and so Aadi hesitated for a minute..I don’t know if it was because her beloved Daadu picked up her sister first or if she was trying to process the whole thing in her mind..I told her..go on baby,they are here and she went into her Daadi’s arms..
They were here for 2 weeks and the days went by so quickly. We went strawberry picking one day,Trout fishing the other,to an animal farm one day.We had some super-hot days while they were here and they got a taste of the Ozzie-Summers. And then there were the mandatory dinners and shopping trips:)
For new years eve,we went to the fireworks display-at the start of the show,ILs wasn’t really keen,for haven’t they seen enough fireworks for Diwali..but after the first dazzlers went up,MIL couldn’t stop taking pictures! 🙂 It would be an understatement to say that they were suitably impressed!
Its unbelievable how much change 1 year brings in kids..
Last NYE(2011),Aadi wanted to put up a performance for us,as we waited..she was so restless..This year(2012),she waited patiently,knowing fully well,what a spectacular display was in store for us!
Last NYE(2011),Nanhi was just a wee one-just 5 mo.She was quiet oblivious to the happenings around her.She was content to just sit in her dad’s lap and suck on her fist!This year(2012),she sat up in her pram,licked her ice-cream and said WOW at all the right places!!
Only one thing hadn’t changed..a pair of smitten parents!I leave you with some pictures:

Penne Pasta with Chicken Sausage in Avocado sauce.


2 cups of cooked Pasta
4-5 chicken sausages cooked and sliced
1 small onion diced
1/2 cup diced capsicum

For avocado sauce:
2 medium sized avocados
3 cloves garlic
1/4 cup coriander leaves
Salt&Pepper- to taste

Cheese for garnish(optional)

For avocado sauce-Whiz all the avocado sauce ingredients in a food processor.
Toss pasta,sausage,saute’ed onion & capsicum and sauce together.add more pepper if you like..and garnish with cheese(optional).

Tip:If you like your pasta hot, make sure the pasta,sausage and sauteed veggies are warm,if not hot.Because the sauce is not cooked.
I hope you enjoy this as much as we do.This is fast becoming a staple in our house for hot days!

Why can’t she still be little?

Today,Aadi was looking at pictures on my phone.Pictures of a few month old Nanhi,videos of the sisters together and she giggled at her 4 yo self. As I looked at the pictures with her,I noticed how much she’s grown in the last year.I mean,the changes in Nanhi,from baby to toddler are so prominent..but those pictures were a reminder of the difference between a 4.5 yo and 5.5 yo..:) 

And then half way through the pictures,her eyes started watering..When I asked her what was wrong,she said,she missed those days… She missed her little sister like that..All I could do was say Awww and hug her close. For didn’t I just have a similar feeling just a minutes ago..  Babies grow up so fast..but their big sisters grow up even faster.. another 2 months and my baby will be 6.She talks like a grown up,sometimes like a teenager*cringe* ,she plays with her sister,she teaches her father tricks to crack levels on iPad games,she pats me gently on the head to wake me up,instead of prying my eyes open.Heck,she even said,”sorry” when she opened the bathroom door,when I was inside and closed it right away..instead of coming inside and whining to use the same bathroom..and as I wonder,when or how did she grow up so quickly..she looks at her baby-sister fondly and says..”Awww..look mumma,isn’t she cute?But why does she have to grow up …why can’t she still be little?”
*Sigh* if I had it my way,I would just keep bricks on their head,freeze them in a time wrap and never let them grow up.. But,I know,its not I’ll just giggle with them and cuddle them and hold them closer..and keep thinking..”Why can’t she still be little?”



Bookmarks galore

I spent most of the week before Xmas 2012 frantically crochetting bookmarks-I think I must have at least 8 bookmarks..I didn’t have time to take pictures of all of are the ones,that I did manage to take pictures of:
This is the one for Aadi’s teacher :
I whipped up two more of these,when the girls were in the shower

And this is my favorite-Twin Angel Bookmark for a very special friend,who has twin angels in Heaven.I loved the finish of this one..I think it turned out so beautiful because of the person it was made for and my love for her! It made me so happy to see her face break into the widest smile ever,when she saw it.

My hands have been busy crafting over the last month or so,but I didn’t have a chance to take pictures..So,I’ll have to wait till I get the pictures from the recipients.

2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 12,000 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 20 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

GoodBye 2012,Welcome 2013

Ohh 2012…I can’t let you sneak out,without a formal goodbye:) You’ve been so good to me.   Before 2011 left,she showed me that looks can be deceptive and showed me the true colors of people I considered friends..

You gave me the strength to brush off negativity and see people for who they are. You showed me that nothing is more important than my own self-respect.

You stood by my side,as we crossed to major milestones- my babies turned 5 and 1..oh 2012,you will always be special..because your arrival meant that my baby girls growing up..My first started school..My second,took her first steps and said her first words. When we were ready to welcome you in,my second was a wee one,who was not the least bit interested in the world..When we went to watch the fireworks,last year..she was in a trance..ready to drift off.Today,she sat up in her pram,licked her icecream and said “wow” when the fireworks lit up the sky.

You gave me so many new friends..not the fair-weathered kind..but the ones who I can actually rely on! The ones that I can call up when I get stuck..the ones who’ll help me in a heart-beat,without expecting anything in return..So,THANK you for that!

You gave me a job and even more friends..some very special ones too. The job brought back the “ME” into me..Its so easy to slip into the wife and mum shoes..I had forgotten that I could go out on my own..When I went in for the felt so walk-in with a normal handbag*gasp* and not a diaper bag! When I went to work the first time.. I kept checking my outfit ,because it felt so incomplete …then I realized what was missing was the pram. Its so nice to be able to dress up and have adult conversations..:) I love my job..and I THANK you for it!

You were the year,when I lost the most weight in the longest time.. over 15kgs..and still going strong..You will be special for that reason too..ALWAYS!

And just before you stepped out the door,you gave us our new car!

You were a good year.. you really were! This is the first time that I am saying good-bye to any year,with such a heavy heart! I’ll always miss you..Thank you for giving me so much-love,confidence,good-luck…Thank you!!

Welcome 2013… You have some very big shoes to step in.. looking forward to an even nicer year!! 

Happyyyyyyyyyyyy NEW YEAR to my lovely readers!!