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Good Morning

Its a rainy morning here in Melbourne.Rain brings out the crazies on the streets..impatient,honking drivers,just what you need to perk up a grey morning. Please don’t mind me..I have had less than 3 hours of sleep all night-Nanhi was up with a gassy tummy and was feeling hot and bothered. I brought her out to the couch,but it wasn’t comfortable for me.. she did sleep a little. After nights like those,I wish motherhood came with ‘sleep vouchers’…like,’Oh you’ve been up with the baby/toddler all night..right,you get to sleep in lieu and all your chores would be taken care of…But in real life..this mother,had to wake up,1.5 hour after the toddler fell asleep,wake up a grumpier 5 year old..Here,I must tell you that grumpy 5 year olds are feral! There was something that sounded remotely like a cross between whining and howling.. then,there were tears saying that I am tired,and size 6 is bigger than size 8..Gawd!I could go on and on! 

We have a new rule in the house,starting today- no iPad or TV on week-nights. They can watch TV on Friday and iPad OR TV on Saturday and Sunday,before lunch. It will be tough..because SD has introduced them to you-tube..and they are like addicts.I am being firm.. I am expecting tantrums..more from the toddler,because she doesn’t get the word’NO’ and I can’t explain to her why not.. Ms. Aadya is the easier one..I can reason things out with her. Wish me luck.. actually no.. wish me will-power to stay strong in the face of tears.

LOL!I told you this is going to be a random post… from a sleep-deprived mom.. So,if you are still reading..THANK you,for ‘listening’…

I hear the toddler stirring.. more later…


Weekend crafting




We had a super-busy weekend this time. The regulars here will remember that SD plays cricket on Saturdays and last Saturday was his last match of the season and so,I took the girls to watch him play.It was a hot day,I had a splitting headache,which got worse in the sun..a hour or so later,the girls had red cheeks..I got a 10 minute massage done that helped..Aadi was a ‘responsible’ big sister and entertained Nanhi.. 
We stopped by a friend’s place for some juice and then came home to basically crash in front of the air-con. 
Sunday was another hot day,we had a birthday party to go to.It was so hot,we came home and just spent most afternoon in front of the air-con and then went to the beach-that was nice..the girls had to be dragged out of the water,a good hour and a half later. Needless to say, they are both so tired today..bad decision,going out so late on a Sunday evening. I did something sneaky.. added a little coffee to Aadi’s milk- because she was tired and grumpy and refused to drink her milk.. just a little coffee powder and she felt all grown up and drank it.. I don’t know if that made her feel all perky suddenly!

As for Ms.Ananya,she has been resting mostly..she has been going G’nite on the couch every few minutes and staying that’s a first..:) Anyway,between all this,we managed to fit in some crafting..I found a sock horse kit at The Reject Shop.$4 per kit and it came with a pair of socks,poly fill,instructions,buttons,threads,needles everything. 2 hours of crafting time..our horse,that looks like a Zebra is called FlutterShy from My Little Ponies. Aadi took her for share-time at school today and just as I was leaving,she asked me if I had remembered to pack a snack for Flutter!LOL 

I hope you had a good weekend 🙂




My sister,my friend..

A few weeks after Ananya was born,we were at the shops and we ran into one of  SD’s colleagues,Pri and she asked Aadya if she was happy to be a big sister and Aadi was super shy.So Pri asked her about kinder and if she had any friends there.Poor Aadi had just moved kinders a few weeks before Anan was born and there was a break of 2 weeks..anyway long story short,she didn’t have many friends there. So,when Pri asked her if she had any friends at Kinder,Aadi replied,yes..when asked who her best friend was,she said-‘Nobody,but that’s OK,because I have my sister now and she will be my best friend forever.’ 

It felt as if with that one line,she had reached inside me and squeezed my heart real tight.Before Nanhi was born,we used to tell her,when the baby comes out,it will be her baby first and she will be her friend forever,they will always have each other-But she was only 4…how much a 4 year old was understanding,I didn’t know,until that day.And I hoped and prayed that her sister would appreciate her as much as she appreciated her..but really,I shouldn’t have worried..

There was something about them..Ananya’s eyes danced with joy,the moment Aadya stepped in the room,they still do-18 months later.. Aadya got restless when her baby-sister cried,she still does..They compete with each other-fight over us,their parents..yet if we,the parents get angry with any one,the other stands fiercely to save her.Give one something to eat-a lolly,biscuit,fruit-she will always ask for a second for her sister.

Knock on the wood..I hope their love grows leaps and bounds with every passing minute..May they stay friends forever…I leave you with a picture of my girls,taken at the beach last week..


Random updates..

And because I want to write tonight 🙂 so you have to suffer through this random post!

Anan has been sick and she has lovingly shared her germs with me.And when I catch a cold,its not just a cold,its a F-L-U!! So here I am sick as a dog,but I have this urge to write and I don’t know what to write.

I could tell you about the full sentence that Nanhi said,before I left for work on Saturday(9/2/2012). She woke up to find me out of bed and she asked SD,who said Mumma’s gone. She came looking for me,crying.Aadi joined her too and then,after we had hugged,she complained-“Go-way Mumma,Papa Shaid” Eeekss My baby said her first sentence..:) 

I could also tell you about our morning walks,Aadi and mine.We have been walking to school,this week.Its our special time and walking at that time of the morning is just perfect..pleasant walk on the way to school,brisk on the way back.

I could tell you about the time,that I went to meet my friend n co-worker at work on my day off and forgot my wallet there. Lucky,I rang her just before she was leaving and she brought it home for me. 

But most importantly I should tell you how stressed Aadi is about not losing even a single tooth. She is worried that she’ll be the only one,who’s teeth will never fall. I told her that the tooth fairy is finding the shiniest coin for her. But,that story has lost its charm now.She told me the other day that the tooth fairy might have found the coin,by now.She asks me to check if any of her teeth are wobbling.And today she asked me if the tooth fairy knows how to get to our house??? 😀 I hope for her sake at least one of her tooth starts to wobble..Ohh she has one more story-what if her tooth starts to wobble before her birthday and falls during her birthday party!! I swear if something like that happens she would be on cloud 9 for a long time.

I think I should go to bed now… Everything is head,my teeth,my face.. my hair..:( 

More later


Another chance…

“Mumma give me another chance”..that seems to be Aadi’s favorite line these days. We have tried explaining choices and consequences to her and every time she makes one choice,she wants the other..right after. Like when we were buying her a toy-a present for reading continuously for 5 nights. She wanted an art set and a barbie and Lego. Lego,she decided against,because Nanhi could choke on the little pieces.Then the hard part came- to pick between the art set and the Barbie..both that she ‘REALLY REally Wanted’. So,we told her that she can get one now and the other,next time,when she does something really good. Ok, fine,she picked the art set.Are you sure,we asked her and she said,yes.Ok,we told her she could have the other thing,the next time,we thought she deserved a present.She nodded. 

We got home and she played with the art set,finished the contents in less than 2 plays and then she asked if we could go buy the Barbie. No! both of us screamed in unison. You picked the art set,now you have to wait for the next time. Much screaming,(not-fair)s,(you-don’t-love-me)s later,SD said, OK,if she behaved well for one whole day,no tantrums,no fuss about food etc and she could get the Barbie. And she did and she got the Barbie. But since then,she has been asking for a second chance. 

Last weekend we were having friends over for lunch. She had a pack of assorted candy from a friend’s party the previous day and she started the day with those. By the time I caught her,she was left with just one.I told her she could have it after lunch.She asked me again and I told her,if she ate the last candy before lunch,she would not get any dessert. The choice was hers..And she chose to eat it before lunch. Then came dessert time and she started hugging me,whispering softly..Mumma I made the wrong choice..can you give me another chance,please? with the cutest puppy-dog face ever.Not wanting to create a scene in front of our guests,I gave her the ice-cream.

Another chance is her favorite phrase these days.I don’t blame her completely,we have given her second chances in the past and she has started to feel like that’s the way of life. So,when I told her yesterday,it was quiet time,she chose to break the rules. Quiet time in this house means- No TV,No iPad..We can read,talk softly,draw/paint or just relax. One of the reasons,I insisted on quiet time was when I am at work,the girls and SD watch a lot of TV..even after we got home,they watched a movie and then,we had a long evening planned. So,I just wanted her to get some rest. Anyway,I went to check on her,and I found her with the iPad. I told her,she had broken the rules,so there will be no iPad/TV for her,whole of Sunday. She said Ok and continued to play her game. 

Today morning when she woke up,she asked if she could watch some TV.I said no and reminded her,why not. She tried again,asked if I could give her another chance..I said no..She  got frustrated,and told me so..”All I am asking you is another chance’..I didn’t give in.

She spent most of the morning,playing outside.She came inside,tried her luck again..I said no again.She didn’t ask again after that. We went out to a friend’s place for lunch..and even after we came back,she didn’t ask to watch TV. She spent an hour or so lying on the floor,on a makeshift bed made of pillows. She talked and talked and when I dozed off,she nudged me awake..:) 

But, I hope today has taught her that you don’t always get second chances..Personally,I find it that she is better behaved and happier,when she has no TV/iPad time. Unfortunately,I can’t cut it out completely..but any way.. that was the story of another chance..


Itch Itch Scratch Scratch…

… that’s my involuntary reaction to the word’Lice’. Just a mere mention of the word,makes my scalp itch.So last year when Aadi came home with a letter from school that stated that there had been 2 reported cases of head-lice,to say that I went mental,would be an understatement.
The note also said to- wet comb the child’s hair after generously applying conditioner and to use a mix of water and tea-tree oil spray. We have been doing that.We stopped during the holidays but then a friend,who lives across 7 seas asked for advice on Lice treatment and it was just the second day of school here and I jumped back into over-drive mode.
I have taken to wet combing Nanhi’s hair too..she’s got a head full of ringlets and the last thing I need is an infestation.
Why so paranoid you ask? Well,apart from the few isolated lice episodes,when I was at school,there was this one time,when Aadi was a wee one- 2.5 months to be precise and someone we met at a party,through SD’s work asked to hold most people want to and I let her..and this lady had head-lice..which she passed on to my little baby.The morning after the party,Aadi wouldn’t stop crying and scratching.She was scheduled for an appointment with her Pediatrician and we just asked if we could be seen earlier.By the time,we got seen Aadi had developed a fever and the Dr. had to use a tweezer to pull out a big fat louse from my wee one’s head. We had to treat her with antibiotics,and treat her hair.
Since then,I would rather be safe than sorry…
Anyway,the reason for this post,today when I dropped Aadi at school,one of her friends came up to her to say hii..She had such long beautiful hair and not even a hair clip to hold it in place.I cringed mentally.I wasn’t worried about Aadi-she had her tea-tree oil spray on,but this other girl-hair flying everywhere,was an open invitation to the’critters’… I hope she had her hairspray on as well.
If you have school-aged kids,I know you’ll appreciate this article as I do 🙂

Some fun times from the summer vacations

A farm visit..feeding the goats:)

Painting while staying cool on a HOT day

Making sand paintings..

Lots of sand play

Lovely day today

Today,we went to the park for a picnic play-date with Ananya’s friends.It was a nice morning,full of sunshine.The kids had a blast,running around.When this group started off,about a year back..all the kids were babies,learning to crawl and now they are all toddlers..:)
Ananya took a long nap after coming home- she woke up after 2 hours and then nursed and went back to sleep..It was so sweet cuddling her,I fell asleep too.SD was home and so he let me sleep while he went to get Aadi from school.
Nanhi had a doctor’s appointment after that and we dropped Aadi at a friend’s place for a play-date.It was wise decision,because we ended up waiting over 1 hour to be seen for a scheduled appointment! I hate waiting for appointments..and its especially bad in our area.Nanhi got a tichu( a shot!) for chickenpox.She is brave,this little one.She said,Oww,when the needle hit her first,and then cried for 30 secs may be.And then happily waved good-bye to the nurse.
Both the girls were very tired,by the time we got home. Aadi started crying because she was so tired..she seems to be having a few teething troubles at school-she is torn between making new friends and not wanting to upset her old friends..that and getting used to the new teacher.Every morning when I drop her off,I leave a big piece of my heart behind. She looks so lost.. so little..and it takes every ounce of my resolve to make me step out of her classroom and not grab her on the way out. LOL!I wonder sometimes how she would react,if I actually did that. I wonder if her teacher would react at all..
I rounded the day off with some baking.Baking gives me a high like nothing else..Love love love baking!
I leave you with a picture of the Mozzarella scones I baked for Ms.Aadya’s school snack tomorrow.

Felt Travel Pouch-Instant gratification


Another crafty finish.This time a travel pouch. I have been wanting to make something with felt for a long time now.I had 4 puffies to make for October and I decided to make this as one of the handmades.
Picture Credit: Nidhi

For this project,I used-

Blue Felt sheet
Red Felt scraps
assorted buttons
embroidery floss.

The whole thing took about an hour or so to finish. MIL taught me how to make a button-hole and I was pleasantly surprised how simple it was to make.
It was just the instant gratification I needed that day! And my joy doubled up when Nidhi,the birthday girl,loved it 🙂


Some more handmade love

Some more handmade presents that I made this year for Christmas.This Family Plaque for a friend.
And these monogrammed letter Christmas tree ornaments for a friend’s three girls