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Happy Monday Announcement

I was doing so well with the daily posts and then I,let me fill you in.. but before that I have an announcement to make..I finally took the plunge and started my own Facebook shop/page to display and sell my hand-made goods.Presenting Image

You can find us here …Please like “Trishna’s ” on Facebook and spread the word-Thanks in advance:)

OK now for my updates..So Thursday was nice and relaxed-it was Anzac Day and all we had on the cards was some R&R -Rest and Relaxation..So,I went ahead and booked myself in for a facial and a massage..God knows,I needed it after hobbling around in pain for a week,post the Pilates. Ohh! and I loved the second class that I tried and that’s the one that I am signing up for. In fact,I am already looking forward to the next class.

So,after I came back from the facial,massage etc,I was making breakfast for everyone,when the phone rang.It was my College Best Friend,known as CB here.We had lost touch after I got married,because of a fall-out within our immediate circle of friends.I found him on Facebook,the other week and with much trepidation,sent him a friend request and he wrote back,almost instantly saying,how he was glad that I got in touch and he’d like to talk,etc. I sent him my number but never heard back from him..and he called that day. Actually,he called the night before(5 am to be precise!!!) and SD was awake watching some match and he picked up..and woke me up,panicking that something was wrong back home. CB,was just confused about my location..that’s what was wrong!LOL!

Anyway,that morning,talking to CB,it was like,all those years just disappeared between us.. we were back to laughing and joking like nothing happened.He spoke to SD too and promised to visit us. So,that was my Thursday of the day,I spent sleeping on the couch..yeah..I was so relaxed after my massage and SD was a star for keeping the girls,from waking me up!

Friday,SD was back at work and we were having a nice relaxed morning,when Aadi decided to fool around with her ear.It was already red and infected and she scratched it bad.. Ugh!There was blood everywhere… I couldn’t believe it.. I applied pressure,rushed her to be seen by the nurse,who told us to wait for the Dr .And the Dr. looked at it from 2 feet distance.. his clear instructions were- Keep washing it under running water,every now and then and keep it dry!!WT….!!! Such a waste of time and the toddler was feral,by the time,we left!

Came home,put the toddler down for a nap,got the dinner started in the slow-cooker..mutton curry-yummmo! And then when Anaan woke up,we went to Aadi’s friend’s place for a play-date.Swimming had to be cancelled,on account of the ear and we came home to our perfectly cooked mutton curry. 


The weekend was as usual-work,then cuddles with my babies,a make-up class for swimming.I just remembered a funny story-The first time that I booked Aadya for a makeup lesson at swimming,I told her that she has to go for a makeup lesson on so n so day and she was dumb-struck..she asked me.Mumma are you serious?I said yes,why? ‘But you said little girls aren’t allowed to put on make-up,then why are you letting me go?” 

OMG!I laughed and laughed and then hugged her close to tell her,what sort of ‘make up’ it was!

On that note,I’ll end this post..I’ve just come back from a long walk,better get into the shower and get cooking,while my munchkin naps. 

Don’t forget to check out Trishna’s and leave me a comment to tell me who you like it..

Much love


The day that was..

It was ‘Wear your Sports House Color’Day at Aadya’s school today and she was in Red house. We bought a plain T-shirt over the weekend and last night as she was setting everything up,we couldn’t find it.Many discussions and mental steps re-tracking,we realised that it was kept on the Pram and must have fallen off while folding the pram. 

Anyway,after much yelling and tossing the blame-ball back and forth between SD and I,SD offered to go pick it up.B.U.T. he is color-confused where Reds and Dark Pinks are concerned.So,he rang up to check and ended up sending a picture to be doubly sure.I could’ve suggested that he ask a store assistant but seriously,how many men do you know that ask for help? LOL after all this,he brought the right T-shirt in 2 sizes.Crisis averted.

Sports day was alright-I guess..She didn’t seem excited or anything. After school,we went for Ballet .Tonight I trialed a new Pilates class.This time was totally different than compared to the last.The instructor made us all fill out a form,asking specifically for medical conditions..and since it was a smaller group(the other class that I tried had atleast 15 members,if not more),she came a checked everyone’s technique through out the class.So even though this class starts half an hour later and costs a little more…its time and money well spent.

Hope you had a nice day today…See you tomorrow..

21 months…

My cheeky toddler is inching closer to the 2 year mark.. She turns 21 mo today.She is a little girl  already..We are sort of weaned off ..oh who am I  kidding… we are still going strong on the breast-feeding front..we have cut down on most feeds,but still 1-2 feeds through out the day. Cold turkey was hard for both of us. I was so sad and she was so angry.She refused to let me comfort her,cuddle her.And I kept wanting to see her happy content face.So,a week later,when she was very sick and hubby was in the shower,I nursed her,when she was sleeping.And she instantly relaxed and so did I.Since then,we are bf-ing again. 

Little Miss Ananya has a mind of her own and cannot be distracted easily.One day, Aadya got a lolly bag at school and she was eating a lollipop when we picked her up .Anaan asked for one and I told her,I’ll give it to her,when we get home.We got home,and as soon as we entered the house,she dragged me to the study and pointed at the halloween candy stashed away! LOL! She got her lollipop then and only then she was happy.

She is 21 months going on 6 years.Whatever her ‘Aadu’ does,she wants to do it. Its funny today,we went for Aadi’s Parent-Teacher Interview and she threw a tantrum,because she didn’t want to sit in her pram..but wanted Aadi to sit,so she could push her..yup! that’s my crazy girl. 

Today,I was meeting a girlfriend for coffee and this little missy insisted on taking her doll pram.Her favorite pony- remember I said she is 21 months going on 6 yrs…*rolling eyes*..So,her favorite pony was strapped in the pram and I had to keep the pram on the empty middle seat. 



She refused to get in her pram..In her words..’No! Mumma..No Pram..Pram Babiya!’ Yes,my little toddler refused to get in her pram,because prams are for Babiyas  babies.


I can’t imagine that last year at this time,she was a wee one..She watches out for her sister..she watches out for our things..she is my cuddly-wuddly tantrum queen….As I like to  say,this is the child that will give me my greys..but this is also the child,that will make me feel  like a queen when I am old and grey!

Finally the post that I started this morning is done:) More tomorrow..

And I am here again..

Despite my best intentions,I didn’t get around to blogging over the weekend. Friday night was busy..we had invited some friends over,I was fasting,and it was my last one,so it doubled up as a high tea cum haldi-kumkum.I ordered some snacks and cooked some at home.After the friends left,we went for a long drive,stopping at some friends’ homes to drop off some stuff and prasad. By the time,we got back it was 11 pm..the girls were sleeping in the car..we brought them in,and turned in for the night.

Saturday morning,the usual get-to-work madness ruled..its going to get crazier from this saturday for the next 9 weeks,because Aadi is starting Auskick. Work was good.I was just finishing work,when SD called up to say, some friends were coming over. He tidied up the living room and kitchen. Then plans changed and one of them rang to say that they were bailing out on account of sick kids.I rang the other friend and asked if we could go over to theirs instead..and thats just what we did..Its nice to have friends,who understand and with whom you can just be yourself.Seriously,I rocked up at their place in my rattiest trackie pants. 🙂 The fun continued till late night..The babies went to bed at the usual time but the big kids,were awake till we were. 

Sunday morning was a slow,lazy..we woke up late, pottered around the house,playing with the girls,cooking,doing the laundry… sometimes,these days are just perfect.We stepped out for a little over 2 hours to buy warm clothes for the kids and came back to crash on the couch..Just the perfect lady kind of Sunday.

Ohh the highlight of the weekend was Yarn shopping. Spotlight had 40% off on yarn for their knitting party and I went a splurged-came home with two bags full of assorted good quality yarn.Feeling super crafty now..:) Finished Aadya’s Rainbow beanie and making a Ninjago beanie for a friend’s son as I type this.. yeah Multi-tasking queen that I am..I take a break every few rows and type a little. If the Ninjago beanie works out the way,it is in my head.. then I’ll share the pattern:)

More later.. till then.. take care..


Pondering on a Friday

TGIF!Finally!We survived the first week back at school AND I managed to blog for 5 days in a row!LOL! If only I can keep during the weekend.

Its so cold here,so first thing on my agenda this weekend is winter shopping..and washing n cleaning the winter wear! In other news,I have decided to follow a new rule-not putting up with negativity(negative comments,rants,emails etc.) around me..because negativity brings me down and eats into my happy time,so No more of that.Co-incidentally, just as I was thinking of this,I came across two Facebook status messages-

1)The only person you have complete control over is YOU. You may want to help others who need help but ultimately they have to help themselves. One can only try and help and hope for the best all the while focusing on the positive! Let go and trust all will be ok... I naturally take the role of a fixer-I think its my job to make things better for everyone around or to watch out for those around me..and then,I keep thinking and thinking about all the things said,done and then worry my pretty little head to the extent that I end up feeling sad and in some cases,used.So,I am going to let go of my role as a fixer..I can only keep someone happy,if I am happy from within..And that brings me to the second message that reverberated my thoughts.

2)When one is immune to other peoples actions, inactions, judgements or opinions, one is able to avoid needless worries and or suffering – Serenity Always !! How true is this..I am not there yet.. but I am aiming for it…:) 

Too heavy for a Friday read?I know.. but I just had to say it,while it was still fresh in my mind..lest I forget and revert to old ways! Anaan and I are heading out for a little trip to the library and the salon(I need to get my eyebrows done!) I hope you have a great weekend…

I leave you with this..



I am so sore spots I didn’t even know existed.. Atleast,now,I know..that I have abs,hidden behind the jelly belly.

(Image courtesy: Google Image search)

And my house keeping fairy was here so the house is nice and tidy,Ananya is napping.. I can just relax.Loving the silence,except for the sound of the clock.
I have a work meeting tonight and Aadya spent most of the time,before school,trying to guilt trip me-‘Why do you need to go to the meeting at night?you went for your class yesterday.I won’t get to spend enough time with you..whine whine whine whine…’ SD never gets told that..:( nor does she take him on a guilt trip!! No fair,I say!

In other news,Anaan managed to get her hands on a jar of Vicks vaporub and was in the process of rubbing it on her face,when I caught her.Luckily she had rubbed it only on her cheeks but then she had rubbed her eyes. That one was tricky-you can’t wash it out.I wiped it off with a dry cloth and blew into her eyes,that seemed to help.And then put her to sleep.. Gosh!I can’t look away for 2 seconds when she awake.

Right..I am going to sign off now..have a long list of chores to do,before school pick up.

You have a good Thursday..Its almost Friday 🙂



Wednesday is now,the busiest day of the week for me. Aadi has ballet after school and I signed up for a Pilates class,that started tonight. After dropping,Aadi at school,we came back tidied up and then,a friend came over with her son.

I have to tell you about this friend-its funny how we met..One day,I was driving,taking the girls to the library or the town center,and as I turned around the corner,I saw a couple standing there.The woman looked up and  our eyes met..We smiled and waved to each other.

And immediately,Aadya,the chatterbox,asked me if I knew the lady..I said no..’Then why did you wave ?’,she asked..I said,’I don’t know I had to’..that was the end of discussion.

Anyway,a few weeks later,a friend invited us over for a cup of tea and there were some other mums there as well and I got talking to one of them.She had a son,the same age as Ananya and it turned out,he was born a day before Anaan! That was awesome..we decided to catch up again..and found out that we lived quite near each other and THEN,figured out that we had waved to each other,a few days back!  

This was about one year she is one of my closest friends..and her little boy is Anaan’s special friend-she loves him to bits,but more than him,she loves his mummy.Today,she was taking a nap,when they came over.When she woke up,she stumbled over to L,instead of me.. yup…that’s how much she loves her:)

We often joke,that we know each other from some past life..specially Anaan n her-there is no other way to explain their relationship.She warmed up to L,almost instantly from the moment they laid eyes on each other 🙂

So,coming back to today,after L and J,her baby boy  toddler left,we loaded the slow cooker with some chick-pea curry and left for school pick up..came home,changed,went to ballet,went for grocery shopping.Note to self: Avoid taking Aadi to grocery stores.There are too many temptations for her. 

We had just walked inside and I was still bringing the groceries inside,when Ananya started throwing up and the sweet child decided to clean it,with her bare hands..yeah..not very nice…I cleaned her,cleaned the carpet and the phone rang-it was my bestie,asking to Skype. And we did..

Half an hour later,SD walked in and we stopped chatting.Then it was time for the kids’ baths and dinner. I served them dinner and had to leave for my class. It was my first time,doing Pilates in a group,where I didn’t know anyone..I was a beginner.I was a little nervous.But,I had fun,despite the pain. L.o.v.e.d the whole 60 minutes of it.I am pretty sure,I won’t say the same thing tomorrow,when I can’t move. LOL!

And with that..I will take your leave.. The abs are beginning to feel a little sore.. I am off to bed..more later..


A random Tuesday post..

I am trying get back on the blogging you have to suffer through these random posts 🙂 Please bear with me.. I promise,it will get better or you’ll just get used to it..:P

This morning was really nice.. do you know why?Well,it was because we were ready and out of the door at 8:30 everyday,but today,I didn’t have to yell! Aadi woke up without any drama and finished her breakfast and was dressed up well before 8am and then,she played quietly,so as to not wake up her sister.
After dropping her at school,Nanhi and I headed off to the medical center,for my blood-test.We came home,had brekky and then,Missy Moo,decided to take a nap.In the mean-time,I had a shower,finished cooking lunch.This is what we ate for lunch today 🙂
Stir-fried Paneer,broccoli and bok choy with steamed rice tempered with garlic and dried red chilies.. yummm.
Ohh and more than anything else,I finished this beanie for Ms.Anan
And then spent the rest of the day fighting with her!!!So that she would keep it on 😦
She kept it on for all of 2 minutes..:( I am hoping that she will warm up to it(fingers crossed).
More later..its 9:45pm and she still awake..she went to bed at 7:30 and woke up an hour later,so refreshed!

School holidays are over..

Ms.Aadya is back at school and the house is quiet again.She was so excited about going back to school..She packed her bag,set her clothes and lunch bag out last night.

This morning,I told her,”Aadi,I’ll miss you,when you are school” and she replied,”Aww,its ok Mumma,but you’ll get your peace and quiet back!” yup! It took me sometime to think of a response to that one. 

The house is quiet..but a little too quiet! Ananya is quietly playing with E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G she can possibly get her little hands on.And there is no screaming,because didi took it ..there is no squealing Aaaaaduuuuuuuuuuu!! And I can just relax and blog too..:) And the constant chatter…”blah blah blah,yeah,Mumma?” is missing..:(

I am doing non-stop laundry and trying to bring some sense of order to the house…but its too tempting to just while the day off,peacefully surfing the internet.

Happy Monday everyone…



Purple Toes


I took Ms.Aadya for her first pedicure,as a late birthday present.Before you start telling me she is too young for it,let me assure you,it was just a foot soak and nail color in the salon..But the excitement levels were sky-rocketting !

She has been asking for Mummy-Aadi time for a long time.. That’s exactly what we did yesterday.First we grabbed some hot chocolate from our favorite coffee shop then sat outside and sipped it,while we waited for our appointment.Gosh!She is a chatterbox.. chat chat chat… all the time.. 

She talked through the whole thing..asking the nail technician,what she was doing to Mummy’s feet.. and why was she using the nail file..why was she putting the gooey blue stuff on mummy’s legs(the gooey stuff was foot scrub!!!) .She picked purple glitter color for her toes and white glitter for her fingers.. And before leaving remembered to pick up a lolly for her sister.

And all the time,she kept saying…WOW!This is my very first Pedicure! I am so excited!And she thanked the ladies at the salon atleast 10 times for her beautiful nails..There was a bride-to-be and her friends there..and almost everyone of them talked to her and asked her how she was enjoying..:)

And this morning,when we were taking pics of our nails,Ms.Ananya had to join in.. and what could be a bigger co-incidence than the fact that she was wearing her purple toed socks 🙂 

Hope you all have a great weekend..:)