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[Blog-A-Prompt]- Thirst



I thought this would be an easy one..You know why?Well,My name means Thirst.. 🙂 Yes Trishna means thirst. And all my life,whenever I told anyone my name and if they knew the meaning of it,they would ask me,’what are you thirsty for?!!’ If they didn’t know the meaning,they’d ask me the meaning and then,ask me-‘what are you thirsty for?!!’ As I was growing up,I had the answer down,pat- Knowledge!  But now,as I am getting older..and wiser,I like to think..I think I really have an unquenchable thirst for crafts,skills..I can’t be content with just knowing one thing..I have to keep trying something new every few days. Even after perfecting it,I am not satisfied,I have to try variations and then some..and then move on to attempt something unknown.

When I was studying,the simpler things never excited me..I had to try and conquer the unknown..struggle with the tougher problems and could only relax,when I had solved them.. but only for a little while..before moving on to the next. 

They say people take after their my case,I think its true 🙂

Blog-A-Prompt- Colors

Blog-A-Prompt- Colors

No title

Blank mind.. except..Aadi’s moods and Anaan’s Gastro.

Aadi is very emotional these days..didn’t know that mood swings started so early.

Anaan has gastro..tiring for both me n her! Me-busy making a hat for SD-my darling hubby has shaved off his head in this cold cold weather. And a Star cocoon custom order for someone from my facebook store.

Every morning I think of writing,but the time flies off with Ms.Anaan.. may be tomorrow will be better..more later.

Recent FOs

First A Rainbow Beret- a Custom order for my Facebook Store
photo (1)
I love all the colors on this one.

Next,this gorgeous headwarmer for my little Diva 🙂 She loves it so much,she even wore it to bed.
photo (4)

And lastly these hair-clips for Ms.Anan’s toddler friend-

I am trying to rest up and relax to deal with the extreme exhaustion that I am experiencing.. rested most morning today-Result-I wasn’t disoriented by evening,not irritable,even cooked a good desi-meal complete with two stir-fries n daal-rice n fresh chapatis.
More tomorrow..:)

Rainbow on my hook

Rainbow on my hook

My latest Work-in-Progress- A custom ordered rainbow Beret for a very special lady 🙂

Weekly update..

This week started off with sickness.. specially Ms.Anaan..she was in a bad shape -raging fevers causing to be delirious and the works,and then miraculously,the fever broke..touch wood she is fine now.

Ms.Aadya missed school too,on account of sickness,but when she went back on Wednesday,she was well rested and feeling better.

In other news,terrible twos have arrived at Sunshine Kingdom and boy! have they arrived..Last two days,Anaan has driven me up the wall..So many times,I cannot tell you. Seriously,if Toddler #1 is hard..Toddler *shudder shudder* Arghhh!! I dont even have any words to describe what I am feeling right now..Lets just say,ummm..I don’t think there will be a baby #3!!! 

Hope you all have been well.. I will write more..when I have my head space cleared..of all the tantrums etc..for now,I am getting through each day minute by minute!!


Ninjago hat and other happenings..



I am so proud of the way,this one has turned out .When I first started out,my plan was to make a  regular beanie and then sew embellishments to turn it into a Ninjago. But it wouldn’t give the mask look..So,I tried it one way,then the other..And then finally came up with this 🙂 Pretty neat,huh?

Now,as for the other happenings, I have started walking again- for real..every day! And the weekly pilates.Last week,I was in so much pain,I went to the Dr and asked her to check,if I had may be ripped something,in my tummy. She felt my tummy and said..’This is just your muscles,my dear and they are all intact..don’t you dare,stop your Pilates!’ Its funny now..and you can laugh,just a little bit..but I swear,it sure wasn’t funny that day! 

Aadi has been complaining that I don’t bake often as I used to…and so I baked some cupcakes for her after-school snack and when she came home,we frosted them with some Nutella and put Menthos on top! Sending you some virtual cup-cake love 🙂


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