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Trying to find my Diwali spirits

I have been feeling a little under the know when you go through the motions but your heart isn’t in it?yeah that’s what I’ve been doing.A friend commented,while we were talking on the phone,that my laugh is different that it’s not the happy wholehearted one… I shot it down,but I know it’s true.
Diwali is less than 4 days away and I have only started decluttering now….hopefully as the clutter disappears,so will the cobwebs around my brain…I know it will work:)
I tried a new recipe from my mom’s cookbook today and it turned out nice..just as I remember…I’ll share the recipe tomorrow.I’ll take photos in the morning and post the recipe.
Oh!And I got a haircut and so did the girls πŸ™‚
Have a look-see and please ignore the chipped nail-polish πŸ™‚


More later,

Hair-cut on my mind..

After going back and forth,as I do,every year,around this time…I have finally booked myself and Ms.Anan for a hair cut.As much as I love her curls,they are hard to tame.So,they have to get a trim. As for me..

My hair looks nice on the days that I have time to run the Instyler or straightner through it.


But on most days,I don’t have the time to style it.And so,it looks like an ad for Frizzy hair. And I just feel so frumpy.So,I am thinking of getting a hair-cut..Not that the blow-waved perfection will last forever..but,still…so these are a few of my choices..

Image courtesy-google imagesThe middle one,but I am guessing,after its washed,it will look like the image on the left.LOL!

And this one -Love Madhuri πŸ˜€

Or this

And last but not the least,My favorite- Jennifer Aniston πŸ˜€

All the Images are Courtesy : Google Image Search

,except the first pic..that’s me πŸ˜€

Now,Can you please help me make up my mind and pick a style??
I look forward to hearing from you πŸ™‚


Dreams and Sketches

This morning,Ms.Aadya told me very seriously,”Mummy,I had a dream last night,that a robber had escaped from the Prison and came to our house and asked us for all our money.But we tricked him by saying,we have no money,only cards.”
I asked her,”Did the robber believe you?”Β 
And she said,”Yes,he did..he wasn’t happy,but he believed it.Then,I told him that if you want some money,why don’t you do some charity instead of robbing people?”
“Charity?”,I asked her..and she said,”Yes,when you sell the stuff you don’t need”
LOL!!”No honey,that’s selling,Charity is when you give away stuff,without charging money for it”..I told her.
“Ohhhh I get it… if I get the dream again,I’ll tell the robber,to sell his stuff,next time!”Β 
I have been de-cluttering and dividing stuff into three piles-toss,sell,charity..I think that’s where this funny confusion came from πŸ˜€

So that was the dream.Now the sketch.Aadi loves drawing,sketching.At any given time,you’ll see with a notepad and she’ll be scribblingΒ Β drawing something.She was going through books after books.She used up all our printer papers.So,I was fed up..and asked her to show me what exactly was she drawing that she needed so many sheets of paper.And when she showed me,I was so impressed and proud of her!And the very next day,I went out and got her a BIG sketch book and a brand new set of sketch pens.These are some of her sketches.Her current obsession is the powerpuff girls and that shows πŸ™‚

Please leave some words of encouragement for my budding little Artist πŸ™‚

Presenting Batgirl

Aadi’s school had organised a Halloween-themed Disco today.And she decided to go as BatGirl .
I have decided readymade costumes are over-rated and DIY are more fun(for me).So,I went around finding the bits and pieces to make this costume.
I found the T-shirt ($16 in sale)at Target in the boys’ clothes section. It had a bonus cape with it.
Then I got a black mini skirt from Kmart($5).
She needed new tights,so got those from Kmart as well.($6)
And she wore her black sneakers,because BatGirl needs sneakers for speed.
I loved it how the whole costume came together…What do you think?
Coming up soon,Nanya’s costume…can you guess what she wants to dress up as?

27 months of Nanya

Nanya turns 27 mo today.My little toddler is turning into a big kid,so quickly..much too quickly for my liking. She is talking full sentences now..”Mumma what are you eating?”
“Mumma,Nanya scared of monster” “I didn’t do it,Aadu did” “Mumma,Aadu/papa hurt me Nanya leg/hand”-This one when Papa/Aadu even so much as touch her.
“Mumma…Papa kissie me!” she complains about her papa giving her a kiss!
She calls herself-Me Nanya,now! So cute. And tells me even the littlest thing. Now her smiles and morning cuddles are reserved only for mumma..and mumma is not complaining-Didi and Papa are.Β 
When the mood strikes her,she calls Aadya,’Didi'(big sister),otherwise,Aadu! She wants to do,everything that Aadu does.When they are eating dinner(the only meal they eat together)- If Aadi asks for seconds,she wants seconds too..doesn’t matter if her plate is full!

She is my little helper.When I measure out rice to cook for dinner,she wants to help measure it,no matter how busy she is..
Her new found love is blocks.She can spend a long time stacking blocks.Either that or scribbing and coloring or dawing as she calls it.She loves dawing(drawing) so much that she has scribbled on all the walls in the house and I got in trouble with our real estate agent.Another favorite activity is playing tea-parties.Anytime I take her to work..of all the toys there,she reaches for one of the many tea-sets on the shelf. Bath-times are fun too,because she gets to make her tea even in the bath.
Nanya was my non-fussy eater..but now she is starting to tell me..”Mumma Nanya me no like it!” She is Ms.Indepedent,insisting on doing everything herself.Sometimes,Aadi tells me to feed her,but not Nanya..:(
While I miss out on babying her at meal times,she makes up for it,almost every other waking moment.She looks for me and follows me wherever I go. Today it was raining,so at school drop off,we all went to the school and then SD stayed in the car with her,while I went to drop Aadi to her class.When I came back,this little monkey was screaming her lungs out,refusing to listen to reason,just crying her little eyes out-for mumma,Aadu and the umbrella!! I came back..gave her a hug..she sulked and asked for the umbrella and insisting on holding the wet umbrella,all the way home.We drove off and as we got away from the school and closer to home her,crying got louder.For Aadu! She wanted Aadu go home,Aadu back.
What more can I say about my Nanya,except that she is my energizer bunny,that doesn’t stop running.She just doesn’t stop.period.
She is the light and noise of our loving,totally adorable and fiercely possessive about her people… I’ll stop talking and leave you with some pics of my monkey that doesn’t stop moving πŸ˜›
There she is eating her Strawberries- Bend,pick one,take a bite and twist!
1243653_539451986103368_440358389_o (1)
Playing with her sister- Aadi is not a morning person and this cheeky monkey was trying to tease her,so she reacts!!
And this is a classic..Nanya trying to do a headstand!

A cheerful Bunting


My love for Buntings continues.I love it how they add color to any space.I made this cute bunting in pastel colors for a little Princess,turning 6.
Her mum wanted her name on it,so I added the letters of her name in Felt and hand stitched it on top. I think it was a nice accent to my crochet triangles.

A cheerful Bunting

For the triangle pattern go here

I blocked all the triangles and to join- I started with 35 chains,sc along the edge of the first triangle,20 chains,then sc along the edge of the second triangle and so on till all the triangles were joined and finished with 35 chains.

How are babies made?

Ms.Aadya’s class had got some eggs and they were waiting for them to hatch. Everyday,she came home from school and talked about them.
“Mum,we are aiming for them to hatch on Wednesday”
“Mum,they will surely hatch tonight”
And finally the chickens hatched and we talked more about them..And then,she asked-“ are babies made?How are Human babies made?”
I took a deep breath,trying to figure out a no-fuss explanation fit for a 6 year old.
Now we’ve had the “Where do babies come from?” discussion many times..but “how are they made” gulp…
After a minute,that felt like forever,I cleared my throat,but before I could speak,she did..
“Oh I know how babies are made”At this time,I was starting to hyperventilate…she continued nonchalantly, “First you need to collect some twigs,for the bones and some leather for the skin,put it in a test-tube and add some chemicals.Then wait for your baby to get made”….

SD had also walked in the door and both of us just looked at each other and sighed with relief… BTW,I am pretty sure this theory comes from The PowerPuff Girls.
Yet again,Thanks to the PowerPuff girls,the Day is saved πŸ˜›

Navratri tidbits :)

Every year, we do a family Aarti on all the 9 days of Navratri.We play the Aarti on youtube and sing along.Last year Anan was just content being held.This year is a whole new story.
Aadi loves the Aarti because it has her name in it. And Nanya screams Aadyaaaaaaaaa,as soon as she hears it.
Aadi knows all the words and sings along,but Nanya,well Nanya is Nanya-she stands in front of the mirror in that room and makes funny faces,screams,tries to blow-out the lamp, climbs up on Aadi and hugs her tight(I knoww..awwwwwww),asks us to pick her up.Yup,she is our energizer bunny..that doesn’t stop running.
I leave you a picture of my gorgeous girls from Navratri last year( I have no hopes of getting them dressed this year..gosh so much drama,at the mere mention of dress up 😦 )

Happy Navratri,everyone πŸ™‚

Toddler’s favorite play

Toddler's favorite play

Yes,she can keep doing this for ages,doesn’t matter what’s in the cups-can be water,dry rice,dry pasta.She loves pouring it from one cup to the other πŸ™‚

Wish Heaven had a phone..

Wish Heaven had a phone..

Today would’ve been my mom’s 57th birthday.This morning when I woke up,I checked facebook only to find a photo of hers.My sister had used photoshop and added my mom’s picture to a group photo. OMG!I know it was photo-shopped..I know it was not real..but it was so nice to see my mom in the same frame as my husband and babies..and more importantly my dad.
Seeing that picture made me happy and yet so sad and filled my heart with so much yearning for all that could have been. Not a day goes by when I don’t wish for her to still be alive.In my mind,I go through the various scenarios,that would’ve panned out differently,if she was still here.
Oh dear…how I wish I could just talk to her,update her about the kids activities,tell her how they are driving me up the wall or confer about a new recipe or tell her about what SD said. I have spent most of the day feeling so choked up or crying,every time I looked at the picture..I wish I had a magic wand and I could just change things..Or At least if heaven had a phone,I could just call her and cry and then,she would just ask me to stop it or being a typical mom,ask me to grow up πŸ™‚ And all would be fine.
But no..I don’t have a magic wand and heaven doesn’t have a I’ll just have to pick up the pieces of my broken heart and go on..meeting whatever challenges life throws at me,in the only way I know-head on with a big smile on my face..
Until next time…..