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Homemade Pizza from scratch

Aadi was sick,so she stayed away from school. When I asked her what she wanted to eat for lunch,her answer was,”can we go to a restaurant?” I said no..”Can we get takeaway?” I said No! Can we get Maccas? I said,N.O. She went to ask SD,who was also home that day. “Papa,Mumma says we can’t eat out..can we go get something from outside?” Obviously SD said no too..She started to whine and SD lost it and told her..”That’s it..No more eating out till MARCH!” And her face fell,the lower lip started quiver and the tears started flowing.When I asked her why she was crying,out came a jumbled mess of words..”But its not fair,I don’t get to eat out,I will miss out on the treats..”blah blah…So,we tried to tell her our reasons..its not healthy,we need to save money,etc.And we reached a compromise that whatever she wants to eat,she can tell me and I’ll make that for her.So,yesterday,she wanted to eat a pizza.
I found this recipe from Kidspot and it looked simple enough. Best of all,I had ALL  the ingredients it called for- Self raising flour and Yogurt! You read that uses only 2 ingredients.But I tweaked the proportions a little. This is what I used-

2 cups self raising flour
1.5 cup greek yogurt.
warm water,if required.
1-2 tsp olive oil.

Take the flour and yogurt in a bowl and start kneading.Add warm water,only if required. Once the dough comes together,take the olive oil on your palms and rub it nicely into the dough,making a smooth ball.
Cover with cling wrap and let it rest for 15-20 minutes.
Once the dough has risen, punch it and let it rest for another 10 minutes. [If you are not going to use it immediately,put in the fridge till you are ready to use it ]

Divide the dough into 8 equal sized balls and roll in to round discs. Take a fork and poke holes in the base.
Spread some pizza sauce on the base,add toppings of your choice and cover with shredded mozzarella.
Bake in the oven at 180 deg ,till the cheese is melted. At this stage,I transfer the pizza to a pan,getting heated on a low heat,and let the base get crispy. Serve hot!

For the toppings we did-1) plain cheese
2) Mixed vegetables( A pan-charred mix capsicum,onions and broccoli)

For the Sauce(This is my mum’s recipe):

3 large tomatoes + 2 garlic cloves(pureed)
1 tsp oil
1/2 tsp sugar
1 tsp red chili powder
Salt to taste.

Heat oil in a pan,add the red chili powder.When the oil starts to get foamy,add the sugar and the tomato puree followed by the salt. Mix well and let it cook on a medium flame till all the water from the tomatoes dries up and you are left with a thick sauce.

I can guarantee you,once you taste this sauce,you will never want to buy any of the readymade ones. Try it,I dare you 🙂
I leave you with a picture of my pizza 🙂

Thank you,Hayfever,Not!


Miss Nanya has a bad case of Hayfever and strangely here biggest problem this year has been the itchy nose.She can’t stop scratching it.See the picture:( I keep applying the ointment to it,every hour or so,but don’t know how to stop her from scratching it.
Any ideas,anyone?

Daddy’s girl!

My Aadi is turning into a Daddy’s girl..At the start of every school vacation,she announces that she is going to have certain Papa&Aadi days.They plan to go out for movies or go out to the video shop alone and pick out movies that they both want to watch.They share secrets and are thick as thieves on some days.
And then there are days,when they don’t see eye-to-eye and get in each others way.Papa yells at her,she comes to me crying.Then I say something and then SD and I have words!
You see,I have a problem,I can’t see my babies crying. When they were wee newborns,I felt like I had a switch in my head,that got flipped when I heard them cry.I thought the switch would disappear with time,but no,it didn’t. I still get all worked and restless,when either of my girls are crying.SD laughs when I tell him that.He says,I am just a softie..hmpff!
Anyway speaking of Daddy’s girl,now,when she wakes up in the middle of the night,she calls out to him.When she comes to our bed,she snuggles up with him..It’s another thing,that Anan won’t let her come close to me! Here’s a pic of SD and Aadi,from our trip to Fairy Park.Aadi wanted a picture with the Giant Dragon but,she was scared to go near it.So,SD picked her up and took her near the Dragon.Instant Brownie points for Dad 🙂

And this is how,I found them,yesterday,when I went to call them for dinner…:)

I’ll stop here,time to pick up my knitting 🙂

More later,

She Loves Me!


Yes! she does! 

When Ananya was a newborn,I often wondered if she recognized me,whether she knew that I was her mother.And I felt guilty-of course it was my fault,for having failed her,by being asleep,when she was getting born. 
After she was born,I was unconscious for 8 hours and she was deprived of her mother for that time.SD,her father was her first parent.He was the one who gave her the first feed(EBM that I expressed before going into surgery),he was the one who held her and kept her warm..And so,when she didn’t keep staring into my eyes(like her sister did!),I felt cheated,I felt like I had missed out on the bonding time with her.
The days after her birth were so different from the days after Aadya’s birth. The first time round,we forgot about the rest of the world and the only thing that mattered or EXISTED was our baby.And it was just the three of us.. everything else seems to have faded away.
BUT the second time around,we had Aadi..we had to watch her moods,keep her happy and include her in everything,which is what I had planned all along. Then there was my aunt and my cousin and my sister who arrived when Nanya turned a week old.And everyone wanted to hold the baby..which was nice..but as a new mother,I was very protective,both the times.Heck I didn’t even want to share my babies with their father..everyone else was secondary!LOL!Anyway,I digress.. so,when Anan was a newborn,she liked SD’s voice better than mine(it felt like that,then!).She seemed peaceful when she was next to her sister.And all I got was angry crying.And every time,she cried,the guilt trip started. As she got older,and starting engaging in longer eye-contact,my doubts started to fade,but not the guilt. Heck the guilt still raises its ugly head,every now and again.But,atleast,now I don’t question whether she loves me. 
How can I?For she showers me with so much love,every minute that she is blows me away.Really,it does! As soon as she wakes up,she walks out of the bedroom,almost sleep walking till she finds me,usually in the kitchen.And  then she breaks into a wide grin and lifts her hands for me to pick her up.When I do,she hugs me tight..Ohhh the sweet smell of a just woken baby…it awakens your senses better than a cup of Java!  We go about our morning routines,with her chattering and calling out to me,even when I am with her 🙂
We get back home,after school drop-off and she follows me around,while I cook our breakfast. She plays next to my legs,sometimes sitting on my feet….She swaps food,picks something from my plate,feeds me some from hers…wants to look in my cup,every single time!
Breakfast done,we go about our day.She keeps running back to me,to check on me and hug me..and screams,”My Mummy”.If  I am sitting down,she has to sit down on my lap..and keeps grabbing my hands,away from the keyboard! I used to get frustrated,but now I expect it and just give her my full attention.
She pinches my cheeks,calls me cutie,she touches my face and forehead.If I am angry or yell at her,she comes and kisses me.When she is sitting in my lap,she keeps kissing my hand.A few days back,she was playing near my feet and started kisses my feet..I asked her,”Nanyaaa what are you doing?”And she said..”Nanyaa loves you”…#Heart-about-to-burst-with-pride moment#

Ohh and yesterday night,she surprised me by saying,”Love you too” ..Another heart-about-to-burst-with-pride moment 🙂 I might be sounding like a broken record,but I can’t get over it. All her cute ways of expressing her love..keep getting cuter and cuter.

Today,I took Aadya for a play-date,while Anan was home with SD.When we came back,she squealed with joy,when she saw me.Aadi tried to hug her and she ran away and came and hugged me. Aadi pouted,”She doesn’t care about me”..I said,”She is just excited to see Mumma after a long time” Aadi argued,”But she hasn’t seen me for a longer time”..and it was true.As we,Nanya and I,sat cuddling and playing,it dawned on me,yet again,that she loves me…thinks the world of me…and I remembered my days of self-doubt..and hence,this post.I leave you with a pic of my love-heart,she was so excited,that I was sitting next to her in the car.


For the love of sand

Sand play is Aadya’s favorite kind of play.So,when I heard about the Sand Sculpting exhibition at Frankston Waterfront, we had to plan a day trip there.I think it was at the start of year..sometime in January.It was a hot day but the girls loved it and so did we.I’ll let the pics do the rest of the talking..

The fine details on the sculptures literally took my breath away…

And there were sand activities-SD helped Ms.Aadya with her art-work.

While Ms.Ananya had a blast just playing with the colored sands.

And really,how could we go to a beach and not play in the sand…?

We are already looking forward to going there again,this year or early next year.


Love is…

…when a sleepy toddler walks out of the bedroom ,holds both your hands,and without speaking a word,drags you to her bed.Once in bed,she snuggles up with you and falls asleep with a happy sigh 🙂

…when your 6 yo tells “Thank you so much for the great time,Mummy”,when all you have done is taken her out for an ice-cream.

… when the husband abandons the idea of butter chicken in favor of khichdi,just because you don’t want to eat chicken.

Love is…These THREE 


And this my friends is Day 9 post..I was soo sleepy that I forgot to publish it!LOL

Much love,


Lost and gained and losing

Today,I checked my weight-loss diaries. After Ananya’s birth in July 2011,I started my weight-loss journey seriously,like my life depended on it.I started off with just eating good home cooked meals.By the time Anan turned two-three months,I tried to cut out almost all the processed food that I could with the exception of bread.
In January 2012,I signed up for Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation. And I started exercising. I signed for the next  round of 12 WBT,when the first finished and didn’t really use it. But I kept walking and exercising and at the end of the year,by August 2013,I had lost a total of 24.5kgs.
I felt good about myself,I dropped dress sizes and lost so many cms.And then,something went off,and the kilos started to creep back in..I realised today,that I have gained back,13 kgs back…I have undone so much of my hard work.And I am so so mad at myself. But,I am so determined to shed these 13 kgs and then some to get to my goal weight.
I did it before and I KNOW I can do it again. I just have to keep at it.A couple of days back, I was whinging to SD about it,he said,”I am not worried about you losing weight..I know you can do it and you WILL do it.You just need to find ways to maintain it.” And you know what? For once,I am not going to argue with him,because he is right.
So,I have decided,no more fad diets for me.I have come to realise,that fad diets or restrictive diets make me binge.And besides,its not something that I can stick to for long.So,all I am doing now is going back to basics- Cooking and eating wholesome food. Moving more..I am still struggling to fit in any exercise..hopefully I will be able to add it to my days soon.
Anyway,Tonight’s dinner was toasted paneer rolls. I will post the recipe in a day or two.For now,feast your eyes on the photo 🙂 I can assure this healthy meal is so delicious,it almost feels like a cheat meal 😀  And that is one of my goals- to eat healthy flavorful meals.That’s the only way to stop myself from Binge-ing  and to stick to the diet  adapt a new lifestyle.

Have a Good Weekend,Everyone 🙂

Much Love,


Nanya talks,Aadi wonders..

I have had the worst day ever today and need some cheering up and what better to cheer me up than my little munchkins’ chatter.
Ms Nanya loves L.O.V.E.S. Baby Looney tunes.She knows the names of all the characters and rattles them off as the show is starting-BugBunny,daffiDuck,twitty,Lola,Taz!She LOVES TAZ…and tries to act like him,stomping her feet and fake crying.
She now speaks full sentences-has been for a while now,but everytime I hear a complete sentence,my heart turns to mush! “Mumma,Papa found me book.” Yesterday,she was at home with SD and I had gone out with for sometime.When I got back, SD was in the shower,she yelled out..”Papa,Look Mumma come back”and from the moment I came back,she didn’t leave me for even a minute. Love her love for me 🙂
Every morning,when she wakes up,she walks out of the bedroom,straight to the kitchen and hugs me..snuggles with me..ALWAYS turns me to mush..ALWAYS.
Nanya is always stuck to today Aadi complained,I never get to hug you.I said sure you can and stretched my hands out to her.She came in for a cuddle.And sighed…”I wonder if this is a dream or if this is for real”..My little drama queen. Speaking of cuddles,I love it how both my babies fit in just right in my arms….Its amazing 🙂
Aadi is so proud of the fact that she was the one who made Ananya laugh for the first time. She is..Nanya was 3.5 mo and I was cooking,I had propped her on the couch and Aadi was jumping in front of her,trying to play with her and she started really loudly.SD and I both stopped what we doing and just amazing was the sound of our baby’s special because she was laughing for her sister.Today,they were playing and Aadi started doing the same thing,pretending to fall down and saying ‘their’ special phrase..”Aaa traa ta ta”  and Nanya started giggling..She was laughing so hard that she was falling off..and Aadya kept going,even when we told her to stop.It was so nice to hear them laughing like that..And when I was tucking Aadya in for the night,she said to me,”Mumma,did you see?I made Ananya laugh again..she laughed her pants and eyes off.She thinks I am funny,but I don’t mind,because she sounds so happy.” OMG! I was so proud,I felt like my heart was going to burst.
And now,writing this post has made me problems haven’t gone away but atleast,I am smiling again..:)

I hope reading about my gorgeous girls makes you smile too 🙂
More later…


Keeping up

Keeping up with Healthy eating and blogging 🙂

1395648_563741080341125_265453902_o (1)

This was my dinner tonight – a bowl of kala chana(black gram) and a tall glass of buttermilk.

And I am so so sad to hear about Tarla Dalal’s demise. She was one of my favorite chefs.Really really sad 😦
More later…

Refreshing 4 Bean Salad

Last month I signed up for this 28 day program with Jordan Lark of Evolutionary Health.This program gave me the kick start to get back on the clean eating wagon. The program ended on 31st October and I continued with clean eating.I say clean eating in the broadest sense of the word.But mostly I am trying to eat non-processed and low carb.I have been a little slack this week with Diwali and outings,but good overall.
Today we spent most of the day out.We left home after a Brunch of eggs,Sausage n toast and went to the Royal Botanic Gardens.A fun afternoon was spent walking around,splashing around the mini-stream at Ian Potter Children’s Garden and rounded off with some Ice-cream and burgers and wraps.After all the gluttony,my tummy wanted salvation and this salad came to the rescue.I mean what’s not to love when there’s beans,avocado,and the usual suspects that make a salad.

Interested,much? Read on for the recipe :

Ingredients: ( Makes 3 generous portions)

2 cans 4-beans or any beans of your choice ( drained and rinsed to get rid of excess salt
1 avocado (pitted and diced)
1/2 green capsicum-diced
1 small spanish onion,diced
1 medium sized tomato,diced
1 medium sized cucumber,diced
4-5 lettuce leaves,washed and torn.
rock salt,pepper
1 tsp lemon juice(optional)

Just toss everything together and chill in the refrigerator for 20-30 minutes,before serving.