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Her Sister’s Keeper

That’s Ananya. She told me off for yelling at her sister and I blogged about it,here
The next day,I had a particularly difficult day with Aadya,talking back to me,just being rude and I lost it,completely.I went ballistic,yelling at her..telling her how she was hurting me with her behavior and how upset I was. She ran into her room angry and crying. Anan was playing with something,as soon as she saw Aadya running and crying,she dropped her toys and started crying too.SD and I tried to calm her,but she refused to let us console her.She just kept pushing us away and kept screaming.
By now,Aadi had come out of her room,to argue again.So,here we are arguing-Aadi&I,when I heard a growl and saw something blue from the corner of my eye.It was Ananya,she came charging at me,with her ball,tears streaming down her face,grunting with anger,”No Aadu shouting,you naughty mumma”..And then to Aadi,”Come on,Aadu” and they walked away hand-in-hand,to their room and sat there comforting each other.
I wasn’t wrong in telling-off Aadya,but in that moment,by her little gesture,Ananya made me feel like the worst mum on the face of this earth,but I also realised that I must be doing something right,for them to reach out for each other,for them to stand up for each other.
The number of times that Aadi says,”ugghhh I hate it when Nanya touches my things””or”Why does she copy me?” or “I wish I didn’t have a little sister”…B.U.T. she is the first one to rush to Nanya’s side,when she is crying or upset.Time-outs are pointless in our house,because the other sister always follows the naughty one,to the naughty corner!
That day SD and I looked at each other,the way only parents can,in awe of and proud of their kids.
We eavesdropped on them,while the girls were in their room and Nanya was rubbing Aadi’s back. saying,”No crying Aadu,all fine all fine” and Aadi was wiping Nanya’s tears,saying”Its Ok Nanya,I am not mad at you..didi is here with you” and there were some unprompted I-love-yous too..:)
As I sit here typing this,they are rough-housing on our makeshift bed in the lounge-room..fighting over the same toys and then giggling at something only they know.
And this is why,I wanted a SISTER for Aadya..:)

Hello hello..

So much for wanting to write everyday ..:)
SD is at home and hogs my laptop..when he isn’t Aadi wants to draw pictures on paintbrush! She is really good at drawing those Powerpuff Girls and I don’t have the heart to say no!Image

See?I told you! How can I say no to such talent??
Anyway,with all this,I have very little screen time.
This week is a scorcher,here in Melbourne. We are used to an odd hot day or two,but almost always by night it rains and all is well again.But this week,the temperatures are in late 30s and 40s for all the 5 days and there will be some respite on Saturday,with a low 33deg..Fun!NOT!
Ideally,I shouldn’t be complaining,because I am not stepping out of the house. We stayed in all of Monday and Tuesday.Today,only SD has gone out to get some fruit and ice-cream,we are still at home,cooling off in the airconditioned lounge room,which is currently also our bedroom.We have only one aircon and its in the living room,so,bringing the mattresses was the only way to cope with the heat.
This Meme is doing the rounds on facebook and I can’t help but share it here..

I’ll stop here now and schedule some posts,now that I have the laptop in my control πŸ˜€

Catch up with the first friend

Yesterday,we went to the park with Aadi’s friend Anie and her mum K and little brother A.Anie & her mum were one of the first few friends little Aadi and I made in Melbourne. Then both K and I fell pregnant with our second babies at the same time and we had two more monkeys join the group πŸ™‚
Anie asked if she could go in our car and it was so cute to hear the girls talk in the backseat. They shared secrets,talked about what they did in the holidays,compared notes on their siblings ..awww.. perfect recipe to turn mum into mush πŸ˜€
And then they started reminiscing about how they have know each other for the longest time..One said,”You are my first friend” and the other said,”And you are mine,we were so so so little when we met”Β 

After a play-and-picnic at the park,the girls asked if they could have a play-date at home and Anie came home with us.The girls kept talking non-stop-it helps that they like the same things and have same aged siblings..K sent me a collage of pics from yesterday and I thought I’d share it here…

And some of Ms.NanyaΒ 


This was Nanya’s favorite place..She climbed up the lookout,looked through the binoculars and then went down the slide,every single time πŸ˜€




And all the playing made her so tired,she decided to lie down on the coffee table,after waking up from her nap πŸ˜›
I just missed out on some pics of K’s little boy,but with two toddlers,we split up watching them…
We are meeting them again tomorrow and Aadi has already laid out her clothes everything for tomorrow πŸ™‚

Nanya talks

kala-tikaNanya has been making us smile and look at her with awe,with all the new things she has been saying lately. Aadi is home,so it means more tv time for Nan too and she now sings all the jingles of the cartoon shows- the one for My little Pony and Power Puff girls.She knows all the characters on both the shows and LOVES Baby Looney tunes and The Garfield Show and rattles off the names of the characters as they flash on the screen.

She has to know everything that’s going on in the house..if someone opens the main door(the safety door is noisy),she drops whatever she is doing and runs to the door,screaming,”Hey Wait-a-me!” She sees me cooking/eating/reading and she asks,”Mummmm,whatare you making/eating/weeding?” I love her baby talks.specially the words that are still not clear. I do worry sometimes,about the unclear words.But when I think about it,I realize its because she is a hurry to talk..she has to be,if she has to get in any words,with her chatter-box sister.When she takes the time to slow down,most words come out perfectly..except,R is still W and S is silent πŸ˜€

I love it how she understands now,when I try to explain something to her.Like the night we went to the drive-in movies,as soon as I put her in the car-seat,she started crying,then continued screaming loudly,for the next 5 minutes,till SD didn’t pullover to a side. I got down and tried to calm her down..I explained to her calmly that the movie was over and we had to go home,and so she had to stay in her car-seat and she stopped crying.She wasn’t happy about it,but she hugged me tight and sniffled,”OK Mum” I gave her bottle and blanket and she sat quietly for the rest of the trip.

She is starting to understand when she does something wrong and that mumma is cross.When I put her on the naughty chair,she actually sits there,looking sad.But,she will not say sorry to the wronged party(SD or Aadi) till I don’t give her a hug.Once I have given her a hug,she will happily say sowwie to whoever. She says sorry so happily..seriously,even if she ends up bumping into a chair or toy,she says sowwie hi-chair!LOL

Today,we were watching TV and Aadya said something rude and I was telling her off and she got upset and started crying..Nanya took one look at her sister and she got so mad at me and then she told me off!!! It was so funny and cute.I told her to stop getting mad at me and to say something to her sister and she put her hand up and said..”No mumma..No telling Aadu.. go mumma..” and to Aadya,”come on Aadu..naughty mumma”. No I didn’t get mad.. I just started laughing and so did Aadya,our fight forgotten.

Oh and when I write about Nanya,how can I not write about how she wakes me up. Did I tell you,the girls have been sleeping in their room in their own bed.Ok technically its the double bed in the guest room,but they have been sleeping there,for the last week or 10 days.There are still occasions when SD or I have to sleep with them,because one of them is unsettled or comes to our bed,but otherwise,we are all better rested,these days πŸ™‚ So,when Aadya wakes up and I am still sleeping,she sneaks out to watch TV.When Ananya wakes up and I am still sleeping,she sneaks into my room and pulls the covers,pokes my eyes,with her little fingers and says,”I WANT CHAI-COCO(choclate milk!)” yup! So there is no sleep-ins,for me.But,as bizzare as it sounds,I love it when she wakes me up like that..Perfect start to the day,because serious,that is just an indication of how the rest of the day will be like..crazy,loud,chaotic and fun!

Speaking of crazy,loud,chaotic and fun,you know what else is all that? Everybody Loves Raymond.SD and I love the show and he bought the whole series ( a gift from me to him!!) and we’ve been watching it every night when the kids are in bed.. and we’ve been splitting our sides laughing … Next on our list after this is the Friends series..:D

More later..

Practice makes perfect

Aadya loves sketching and if she can’t get a character right,it frustrates her. A few days back,she was in her room.She really enjoys quiet time in her room and I heard frustrated grunts. My first reaction was to ignore her and I did ..but 10 minutes later,I heard crying.I walked into her room and she told me,what was bothering her. If it was something silly as the iPad running out of charge or not being able to find a toy,I would’ve ignored it,but this was a real disaster in my 6 year old’s life.She was struggling to sketch her favorite pony,Rainbow Dash

.I offered to teach her and she was so excited.She found a picture she liked on google images

Found on google images

And we got to work:


And then she practiced some more till she got it πŸ™‚


I am so proud of her for not giving up πŸ™‚ Notice the details in Rainbow’s eyes πŸ˜€

Wow! Can you believe it,we are already in the second week of the new year ?? This year sure is going fast πŸ™‚
Hope you had a good weekend πŸ™‚

Happiness is…

a tea-party with dry cornflakes,milk and pretend tea πŸ™‚



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Drive-in Theatre

We went to Β watch Frozen at the Drive-in TheatreΒ at Coburg. I have to tell you,if you have a wiggly toddler,you must give this a go. The last time,I watched a whole movie,was Rio,when I was still breast feeding Ananya.It was a bliss,because when she got bored/tired,I just nursed her,she fell asleep and we all watched the movie happily.
But every other movie after that was a disaster..there were two and let me just say,I don’t remember anything about them,except that I spent the better part of the movie walking outside with the toddler.

But this was nice..she took turns sitting in my lap or SD’s.Aadya was comfortably settled in the back-seat..oh it was soo nice!Although,Anan did turn on the Β wiper a couple times..but seriously,it was the most stress-free movie night ever. Next time,we are wearing pajamas πŸ™‚
Oh and the best part,kids fell asleep on the way home Β πŸ™‚

Have a good weekend,everyone πŸ™‚

Daycare hunt

Hello Hello my lovelies,

How was your day? Mine was busy and long..spent most morning cleaning the house-seriously having the kids and the husband at home,all day long for 2 weeks is just the perfect recipe for a disheveled house. Add sickness to the mix and you have a winner! LOL! yeah. The girls got sick on New Year’s Eve.And because we don’t do anything by halves,it had to be a vicious tummy bug. Oh yes! The girls took turns hurling their stomachs contents on pretty much whatever was in front of them- SD,the couch,the bed,the carpet,me…you get the idea!
Soo…the couch cushions were stripped and they were covered with sheets.We dragged a mattress out and we all camped in the living room..basically chaos took over Β and the house had to be set back right.Thank Heavens for my took both of us,all morning and half afternoon,but the house is nice and clean now.

The other half of the afternoon,was spent in looking for a daycare.SD and Nanya were sick and sleeping. Aadi was better so,I took her along.6 childcare centres later,I am still nowhere close to finding care for her. 2 of them,promised to call me back next week and now the waiting game begins.I have my fingers and toes crossed that I find a spot for her..and soon,because starting 31st January,I will be working three days a week- 2 weekdays and my usual Saturday. I am excited and nervous about this new development..So,dear readers,please send me some good daycare vibes..once that is sorted,I can relax and get excited about the job.
More later πŸ™‚

Happy New Year 2014

Hello my lovelies,

Here’s wishing all of you a happy,healthy and successful year πŸ™‚

I have a good feeling about this year..A friend said to me,that this is going to be my year and I completely believe it.I woke up this morning,feeling much lighter and relaxed than I have in a long time. I have spent most of 2013,fighting the grey dog..I couldn’t tell what it was that was bringing me down,but there was a force that kept pushing me deeper and deeper into darkness.I know its only the first day of 2014,but the belief that it will be a better year,makes the whole difference,I can see the grey clouds shift and the sunshine is starting to peek through the gap.
This year,I am not making any resolutions.No!That just puts a lot of pressure on me.I am instead going to take each day,as it comes. I am going to just make a lot of small positive changes in my life and learn to love myself as I the shape that I am in,at the place I am at.I am not perfect and that is good.
At some stage,during the last year,I realized that I was feeling more and more depressed(there I said it!) was because I wasn’t talking as much..was because I wasn’t writing as much. So,I am going to do just that.Talk and write,blog and comment. I will not commit to any blogathons,but I will try to blog everyday of the year,even if it means scheduling posts.B.U.T. if it doesn’t happen,I will not beat myself over it.
I feel my thoughts are so cluttered because I try to do so much all the time.It came to a point last year that I didn’t want to do anything..nothing at all.. I put myself in robot mode and kept going through the motions but didn’t enjoy it.I couldn’t be bothered to do anything fancy for Diwali and you know what..Our life kept going.The family didn’t care,I survived the guilt.I had sort of relaxed by the time we got to Christmas and I actually enjoyed the whole socializing decorating etc.
Someone recently shared this post on a facebook group I am a part of and I have read this so many times and I can’t help but share this with you all..
I hope this year brings you all that you wish and deserve and much much more..I leave you with a picture of my girls,my sunshines πŸ™‚