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My Sunshine,the blog, turns 7!

This Friday,it will be 7 years to the day I created the blog,My Sunshine..many urls and name changes later,My Sunshine is still here!

I don’t know remember if I ever wrote about why I picked the name My Sunshine for the blog. So,I will tell you today..:)
Many many moons ago,I think I must’ve been 12-13 yos,when I read a story in Reader’s digest-it was a mother’s account of going into early labour and the story of her premie,who was such a fighter.After she stopped fighting,the parents still stayed so strong.They picked the song “You are my Sunshine” for the funeral and since then everytime I hear this song,I think of them and remember how brave they all were.
When I started this blog..I was on bed-rest,waiting for bubs,Ms.Aadya to be born and the first name that came to my mind was..My Sunshine and it has stuck!
And now..its time for me to say Thank you to you for reading and commenting and lurking..doing whatever you have to support me through these 7 years. I have found some of my best friends through this space and I have come here on my darkest days and poured my heart out..thank you for being there for me..and Thank you for showering my sunshines,my girls with so much love.
As always,I’ll leave you with my first post..for that is where it all started 🙂
Lots of Love n then some,

Things I heard that made me smile

I was trying to drink my tea and Ananya was trying to climb all over me and I was getting annoyed..I yelled..”Can I please drink my tea in peace?”
Aadya came and patted my hand and said,”I’ll deal with her mum” and then to Ananya,”Now,Anan,you need to be responsible and respect people’s wishes.Mumma wants to drink her tea quietly..So you need to leave her alone..” I almost choked on my tea..And as for Ananya..well,she didn’t care..she climbed right back into my lap!
Ananya walked into the toilet, after me, turned around and told Aadi..”No coming in,Aadu,Mumma go Potty..” I told her,you need to go out too,Anan..She shook her head,” Unh huh,Me Nanya help you,here you go toilet paper” Yup!being a mum means you get no privacy at all!!! And as for toilet paper..I was so impressed..I don’t think at that age, Aadya knew that that roll of paper in the toilet was called Toilet-Paper!!
We were walking home from school and Nanya found a stick.She picked it up and said…I name is Jack Frost! I Gaurdian! She loves the movie,The Rise of the Gaurdians and can watch it all day long.But Aadya is over it and as soon as Nanya says ‘Tanta-Jack-Barbie-movie'(Santa,Jack,Barbie(the tooth fairy!) movie),Aadya rolls her eyes and we remind her of how she loved watching ‘Hey baby’ and we had to watch ‘Baby movie’ over and over again..and she gives me a shy smile and says..”oh yeah..that was when I was a silly toddler”
I was painting Aadya’s toe-nails and she wanted me to do them half pink and half purple so that she had “Twilight” nails.Ananya wanted nails too,but I knew she won’t have the patience to let me do half pink-half purple on each nail..So, I painted all the left toe nails pink and the right,purple.Little Missy walked up to her dad as soon as I finished and said,”Look Papa,This Pinkie Pie and This Twilight-parkle !”

Almost time for school pick-up,must go wake up my Pinkie Pie! 😛



Yes!That was the first thought that came to my mind this morning 😀
So,Ms.Nanya is taking a nap..Good time to start writing 🙂
We are getting used to our new routines.. I know I know you must be thinking,if I am ever going to stop talking about the new routine..but please bear with,daycare etc is still new and so on my mind..Nanya still cries a lot at both pick up and drop off and she still refuses to eat. Atleast I have made my peace with the no eating bit. I give her some breakfast and big cup of milk,before leaving.And they give her a bottle before nap time,and then she eats a snack or two or three(!!) and dinner when she gets back home.
I don’t know how some of you work all 5 days.The last time I worked 5 days a week was before kids..many many years ago..and I didn’t have kids or didn’t have to worry about cooking and cleaning.So yeah..I am exhausted!
Nanya wants her family close to her,since starting is allowed to leave her/home.This morning,we had a big meltdown at school drop-off.She didn’t want Didi to go-(s)chool and cried her little eyes out. Didi on the other hand is completely clueless and doesn’t know how to react to this.
Almost time for school pick up..I leave you with a pic on Nanya and her bestie- girl band!

chocolate chip oatmeal cookies



125 gms soft butter

1 1/4 cup flour

3/th cup brown sugar

1/2 cup oats

2 eggs

1 tsp vanilla essence

Cream the butter,sugar and eggs together.Add the essence and then fold in flour and oats.Chill it in the fridge for 20 minutes.
Using a spoon,drop blobs of cookie dough(its a little sticky) on a cookie sheet and then,using a wet spoon squish the blob to make a flat cookie.
Bake at 160deg for 10-15 minutes.
Get ready to bite into warm soft cookies.
I have no idea if these turn crunchy on cooling,because they never last that long here!


Note the cookies do spread a fair bit,so if you are OCD about getting each cookie the same size/shape,then,this might not be your thing 😀


This year,our household is going through many changes. I am starting work 3 times a work. It was totally unexpected and so most of the days between Christmas and New Year and the two weeks after that,I looking for a daycare center for my precious. After many disappointments, I finally found a daycare, close to home and they had the days I wanted as well. So, we put Nanya’s name down there and scheduled  orientations etc. First Orientation was last Tuesday,when I had to stay with her.She was so overwhelmed looking at all the kids and clung to me for dear life.
Two days later,they told me to drop her off at lunch time for an hour or so..That was also the day Aadi was starting baby starting Grade 2! Needless to say,I was an emotional wreck the previous day and could barely sleep the whole night.So,we dropped Aadya at school and then dropped Ananya at the daycare and SD and I went out for a coffee.Our first kid-free date in a long long time..We went and picked up Ananya after an hour and she was a little upset.She hadn’t eaten anything,not had anything to drink..Gosh it broke my heart.
The next day was the real deal,but I think I had managed to rub off my anxiety to the girls.They both kept waking up in the middle of the night..Anyway,Friday morning was here,SD went to drop off Aadi while I got Nanya ready and then SD dropped us both,first Anan at the daycare,then me at work.I had a very busy morning and didn’t get around to calling the daycare to check on a way it was good,because they told us later,she cried a little after I left. When I went to pick her up,she saw me and burst into tears,cuddling me and crying in the crook of my neck,telling me,”Mumma Nanya crying,where Nanya mummy”…It broke my heart into a thousand pieces..We clung to each other for the rest of the day.She slept with me and cried for mummy through out the night.
Now, we have rinse and repeat the whole thing again on Tuesday …I know she’ll settle there, the center is really good, the educators(as they are called now) are really nice..just a matter of time for her to settle down:)
As for me,I am still coming to terms with leaving my baby with someone other than her parents ..And I am trying to be better organized with our meals..eating out once a week is fine,but eating out three times a week is a bit too much. So,I will be posting some new recipes,some gyaan on frugal living,in the days to I get more organized.