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Day 6

It was a busy day in our home today.To be honest,we didn’t do anything productive,but when you have family over,time just seems to fly. Now that we have two kids under the age of 3 in the house,I doff my hat to the mums who have their kids close together.They are so full of energy and so in each others face πŸ™‚ But just before bedtime,there are cuddles..lots of cuddles shared.
Speaking of kids,my cousin’s toddler is smitten with SD and the first thing he says to SD,the moment their eyes meet is “Go?” Meaning can we go out? LOL! It is so cute. Oh and the girls are smitten with the toddler.Anan not as much as Aadi..Aadi says,K is her new favorite cousin and loves it when K calls her didi.And Toddler K calls Anan “Chotu Bhaiya”(little brother) and we have all started calling her that..I think its a name that will stay for long!

Anan has another ear-infection and we are just finishing a course of antibiotics,but she seems really pale and tired tonight. Seems like another doctor visit is in order.I really hope she outgrows these ear-infection.
More later ……….


Day 5 We’ve got visitors

One of my cousins has moved to Australia with her hubby and bub and they are visiting us for a few days.I told Aadi about their visit yesterday and she was sooo excited…sooo excited is an understatement.She must have asked me how she is related to me about 50 times,the details about her son another 50 times..And then this morning,she woke up by 7 am,despite being sick and asked me a 100 times,is it 12 PM now..because we had to go to the airport then.And every few minutes “OMG!Mum we’re going to be late!!”Β 
But they are here now and much fun was had..
There were excited squeals-what else can you expect with two toddlers πŸ™‚ ;lots of chit-chat -its hard to believe that we’ve only met a couple of times before now.
I loveeeeeee having family over and I am so glad,Aadi is the same πŸ™‚
More later…

Day 4 Random TV rants..

So,first off..I,now,officially hate cricket.Don’t get me wrong..I still enjoy watching a good match or two,B.U.T. OMG!There are so many tournaments/championships and every single one of them is now shown LIVE on TV and the cricket crazy husband has to watch it! I don’t know how he keeps track of them all!

And before he takes over the remote,there are all these random ‘animated’ shows that the girls have to watch. There is only so much of Garfield/Tom&Jerry/Powerpuff girls/MLP/random animated crap that I can take.Oh and how can I forget Ananya’s daily dose of The Rise of the Gaurdians.

And between all this,I beg/borrow or steal the remote for half an hour at 6:30 PM for a cheesy soap I watch..It was a good drama to begin with but as the years have passed,its just turned into one of those never-ending sob stories..but I still watch it ..its like my bad addiction!

But finally,we have found a show that we all,including the toddler enjoy.. She cheers for the team we cheer for..Aadi and I pick one team and SD picks the team that we don’t like..I suspect,just to spite me! But its fun to watch it together.But,it makes us crave something nice!

SD is watching cricket AGAIN! I am just so cross..I am off to bed.

More later…

Day 3- Monday is the new Sunday :)

Now that I am working 2 other days along with my usual Saturday,I appreciate Mondays more. So my weekend begins on Saturday afternoon and continues till Monday.Its good,because after school drop-off,Nanya and I can just relax,potter around,do nothing.SD is between assignments and so I have some adult company too.Today,we watched a movie- Hasee toh Phasee..I Loved it.. It had all the right ingredients for me,SD-not so much.He thought it was a little cheesy..oh well,whatever..I LOVED it! And how cute is Siddharth Malhotra ? ohh ohh and Parineeti Chopra is one of my favorite actress now πŸ™‚
The other highlight of my day is that Nanya figured out how to blow bubbles..OMG! yes!just like that..she can blow bubbles now..I mean,she has no business growing up so quickly.Today,she was throwing a tantrum..I don’t even remember why.But when she is upset she goes into her tent and cries.I went to console her and she said to me..”Go Away,Mummy..Go away (from) my room”..Really? When did my ickle baby get so big?
Speaking of big,Aadi doesn’t want me to call her my big girl..she reminded me last night that she is still my little baby and will always be one πŸ™‚ OK Missy! I had to pick her up early from school today,because she was sick,but judging by the noise levels in the house,you’d never know that.The brats are running up and down the corridor,screaming their lungs off,stopping only when Aadi has to cough!
Call me crazy but I love the noise in the house..when they are playing happily,but when there is screaming and fighting,not so much.
The monkeys are finally down for a nap.. and I am going to watch a movie now:)You guessed it- I am on a Movie-Binge this week.
More later

The rainbow granny

I made this blanket for a friend,as a Christmas present.It turned out to be a little smaller than I had originally planned and so barely covers her lap,but she is sweet enough to still keep it πŸ™‚ My offer for extension still stand,Jen πŸ™‚


I kept changing colors till I had used up all the colors I had at hand.Then,I did a row of white and then went in the reverse order…Its not so prominent but its makes me happy πŸ™‚


I finished off with white ruffles .
Handmade with love,
Wrapped in clear cellophane and tied with golden ribbon πŸ™‚



1st of March

The first thing Ms.Aadya said to me today was..”Yayy! Its 1st of March!My birthday month is here!!”
She is so excited..we are planning a spa party for her..and she is going in over-drive mode already.. assigning me tasks and setting deadlines*rolling eyes* Well I have told her that this year,she picks the theme for cake and decorations etc and the rest I will do,as and when I can..she needs to leave me alone! But do you think that works? Nuh-uh!
Anyway,she is super excited about turning 7.There is a boy in her class who thinks that she is 7,because she is so she’s excited that finally she’ll be the same age as her height(!!!) and besides,she says 6 is a lonely age(translation :She is one of the youngest kids in her class and can’t wait to be the same age as the others)
Here’s my almost 7 yo,trying out the lei that Ms.Ananya brought home from her bestie’s birthday party.

She is such a little person now.She had to submit an assignment at school this term.The topic was “My family”.She had a clear precise idea about what she wanted to do.She wanted to do a power-point presentation and she wanted to print it out and make it into a booklet. She decided what pictures to chose,what the words would be.Everyday after school,she sat on the couch and painstakingly typed out each slide,asked me to show how to make picture collages on the laptop and finally it was all done.We checked it before printing it out,helped her with spellings and SD offered to reformatt the slides so they looked neater and the poor girl burst into tears..Her reasoning..”But I worked so hard on it and I want it to be just the way it is” It is a hard one..wanting your child’s work to be the best OR letting them decide what is the best..In the end,we suggested some changes,but let her choose-she picked one and rejected other.After all it is a grade 2 presentation and not a corporate presentation. And she was happy with the final presentation,that’s what matters..As for SD,that is a whole different story..But I get where he is coming from..School was so competitive when we were growing up and so it is a little hard for him to wrap his head around this relaxed laidback approach..but when he sees her smile and talk confidently,I can see him,accepting it..slowly and steadily πŸ™‚
I leave you with a pic of Ms.A working on her presentationΒ