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That should be my middle name!I was so good last week.Planned and cooked healthy meals,every single day,2-3 times a day.And it showed in our bank account and on my weighing scale.Come Saturday,we went to a birthday party after work-picked up takeaway on the way home.

Sunday morning to evening,spent the whole day out furniture shopping/browsing-got takeaway on our way home.
Monday- First day of the holidays-took the kids out,ate in the food court..was too tired,so cooked a nice cheesy pasta for dinner.
Tuesday- work-day- went out for lunch with Ms.A and a friend.Had a meeting in the takeaway for dinner 😦

Wednesday- 12WBT week 2 weigh-in – No change!!! Its better than a gain..but I am disappointed and mad at myself,because till Saturday morning,I had already lost another 700 gms. Seriously,if this isn’t self-sabotage,what is?

So,this morning,I am back on the healthy bandwagon- not eating 12wbt meals..haven’t shopped.But this is what my food diary looks like today:
Breakfast – 2 wholemeal parathas with chai- 248 cal
Lunch- Crunchy sprouts,mixed greens,paneer salad- 265 cals
Dinner- Slow-cooked Chicken plus steamed rice- ( I will aim to stay within 300 calories)
Snacks- That’s the tricky one for me 😦 may be a boiled egg with some nuts and tea.

Send me some stick-to-the-plan vibes or give me a stern talking to..:)
More soon..

Back on!

I have a new laptop ! yay! The last one was a write-off 😦 Just when I was warming up to it. This one is completely different from any laptops I have used before and might take a while to get used to.But at least I have a laptop.

In the last few days,I have finished 3 books and sort of decluttered – used my time wisely 😀
Its the first day of school holidays here and both girls were out of bed by 7:15 am..seriously,I thought I had trained them better.So,brekky’s done,I let them watch some TV and now we are going to walk up to our local shopping centre to meet Peppa Pig and Ms.A’s besties,followed by lunch.
I am proud to tell you that we went a whole week without takeaways..pre-planning works.BUT we ended up getting Takeaways over the weekend. I tried my best to eat healthy, but yesterday wasn’t so good. So going to be really good today!I am not going to fall off the wagon this time..I am not going to fall off the wagon this time!!

Ok now,I have washing to hang,battle with Ms.An to brush her hair and get her changed,so I will stop here. Have a nice day,lovely people 🙂
I leave you with a pic of my three from a party this weekend…not the best photo,but I love it!
10705349_702139099834655_2107884858_nMore later..xoxo

Musings from the couch

This morning I woke up to see this 😦 Its the screen of my laptop . It does make a beautiful pattern though,but that doesn’t take away the hurt 😞
It’s a sickie day here in the SunshineHouse .The girls are in their beds and I am on the couch.If there is one thing I miss after having kids,it’s snoozing on the couch.At any given time, there is atleast one kid wanting to share the couch with me-either sleeping on me or sitting on my feet.
It’s so windy,cold and raining outside and just the thought of stepping outside is so revolting but it’s Ms.A’s last drawing class of the term and she told me that she CANNOT miss I guess I’ll have to suck it up and be the grown up.No fair!
Anyway, how is your day going?
Ohh!!! Ohh!! I forgot to say-First weigh in of 12WBT and 600 gms gone! I have lost a total of 5.6kgs since 28th April 2014.Slow and steady but as long as the numbers are moving downwards

Day 7 Decluttering

For a hoarder like myself,decluttering is scary. But I am being brave and acting like a grown up and getting rid of stuff that has been sitting in the our cupboards for years now.
It a big step,specially for someone like me-heck!I even hoard the photos on my phone..WHAT? What if I need them at some stage?

But today,I got rid of two bags of clothes,put aside one bag of towels to giveaway,got rid of all those extra cables and wires,that I keep saving for “if I need it someday”.
And all that decluttering made me so tired that I fell asleep before hitting enter on this post 😀
So here you are 🙂

Day 6 Bug-ridden again

Ms.An and I are sick again.. another viral infection.I swear,we are bug-free for all of two weeks.She looked too tired when she woke up today and I didn’t have the heart to drop her to the daycare.I would just worry about her.On days like this,I hate the fact that I am working.But I work at a kid-friendly place and there are enough toys to keep her entertained.So,I decided to take her along..first time ever. At times like this,I can’t love my job,enough 🙂
Since we only had to drop Ms.A to school,we got to my work ahead of time and so had enough time to grab a takeaway coffee and some snacks for Ms.An.Then,it was time for work.Ms.An had a blast,trying out all the toys.This time,she walked out only once and I found her checking out the paintings and pretending to read flyers in the foyer.Other than that,she was good as gold 🙂 
But it ended up being a super-long day for her..I had a Dr’s appointment and she missed her nap..then school pick-up,her Dr’s appointment and finally picking up Ms.A from a play-date. By the time,we got to Ms.A’s friend’s place..she was exhausted and acting like a zombie.I quickly finished my cup of tea,apologized for my cheeky monkey and ran out the door.
The first thing Ms.An did when we came home was snuggle up on the couch with her milky bottle…that seemed to calm her down.Milky finished,a little telly time and she climbed into my lap,ready to sleep..early bedtime for her tonight.
As for me,my throat feels so raw.SD joked that may be he should wrap me in bubble-wrap..It was wndy outside,I was indoors,still I got the sniffles that turned into sneezes n sore throat… But the good news is its my day off tomorrow..and an even better news is its my day off even on Thursday 😛 So I am not complaining 🙂
More later,need to get some shut-eye …

Day5 Slow-cooked Moroccan Chicken


Here’s my version of slow-cooked Moroccan chicken (Sorry about the bad picture-I was starving and couldn’t wait to dig in )

500 gms Skinless Chicken Breast
2-3 tsp Moroccan spice rub
juice of 1/2 lemon
1/2 green capsicum
1 red onion
1/4 cup water

Marinate the chicken with spice rub,lemon and salt. I had bought my chicken in bulk,so had frozen the marinated chicken.
Chuck the marinated chicken,diced capsicum and onions in the slow-cooker and cook on low for 3 hours and on high for 1 hour,for the liquid to dry up.

I served this in a roll with salad and had leftovers as a salad.
If you decide to try this,don’t forget to leave me a comment 🙂

Day 4 Father’s Day 2014

Fathers day celebrations this year began 2 days early.There was a Father’s Day Breakfast for Dad’s at Ms.A’s school and she was excited to go there with her dad.And on the same day,Ms.An’s daycare was hosting an afternoon tea on the same day and it would be pointless for SD travel to work (1 hour each way-including a 40 min train ride) he attended two meetings from home and took the rest of the day off. 

This is at Ms.An’s daycare..The theme was sports and I had forgotten to get a T-shirt for MsAn,so she had to wear her sister’s T-shirt-it was big but she looked cute 😀
We had planned to have a picnic on Saturday,so as to have a separate celebration,but Ms.An was coughing and sneezing,SD & I had an argument,Ms.An kicked up a fuss about getting dressed and our plans were cancelled. 
On Sunday morning,Ms.A woke up super early- 6 am and started waking me up.She wanted to serve breakfast-in-bed to her dad.Finally I got out of bed at 7 am and we served Toast and coffee in bed,along with his presents. Ms.An declared..”Its not Papa Bday,its I birthday”. As always we had got ‘Thank-you’ gifts for the girls and that was the saving grace,because there was no way,Ms.An was handing over her presents till she got one back 😛



Lunch was at the Indian restaurant,celebrating Onam.As soon as we got in the car,after lunch,Ms.A asked SD..”So,Papa,what do you want to do for Father’s Day?Where do you want to go?” And before SD could answer,she added a rejoinder”And you are not allowed to say ‘home’ ” So we came home,and then SD and Ms.A went for a movie. Its their special thing..her special(alone) time with dad-if I ask to join in,they both get very territorial about it..besides,I prefer staying home with Ms.An.She gets bored/restless in a theatre,once her popcorn finishes and one of us has to walk outside with her..So,instead we stay home,play with the blocks,take a nap..Anyway,so SD & MsA went for a movie and the excitement on Ms.A’s face..OMG!It was priceless..:)
Ms.An was excited to eat a whole punnet of strawberries alone..without sharing :D. So that was our Father’s Day this year 🙂
How was your weekend?

Day 3 Onam 2014

Onam was on Sunday,which was also Father’s Day here in Australia and as Ms.A pointed out to us,its not fair that Papa has to share his day with a festival.While I can’t control the calendar,I can surely control the order of this here on my blog 🙂 So,here’s the Onam post.

This year,one of the local restaurants was serving the Onam Sadhya( the whole festive spread) so we decided to go there,with a friend’s family. Lots of food was consumed and a good time was had by all 😀 I leave you with pics 🙂


That was our lunch.. SD did make it a point of educating us about what each dish was..He was the only person from Kerala in our group,but I was too busy eating to remember the names 😀

10660467_697384176976814_1220700329_nAnd here’s one of my three in their festive wear 🙂 My Tomboy,Ms.An refuses to wear dresses.Did you notice her beloved Murfee in her hand ? When she is tired or sleepy,she looks for Murphee..when she happy,she looks for Murphee-he is her BFF at the moment 🙂
P.S. Walking is BORING so, Ms.A has to either skip or dance..:D

Day 2-Life is good again…

I was having laptop issues,so going to post the last 3 days posts today 🙂

SD and I went out for lunch on Friday..:) The girls were at school/daycare.SD had taken a day off for Father’s day celebrations at School/ we used to time in between to go on a date 🙂
It’s amazing,what a difference,a little alone time can make to a couple’s life..specially a couple with young kids. Most of our time/day is spent in keeping on top of life …keeping the kids,fed/dressed/safe and balancing a 100 things. And since having kids,our couple time is very very limited..Our girls are shocking with their sleep.They take forever to fall asleep.Ms.A is better now.She goes to her room at 8:30 and stays in bed.Ms.An not so much.She keeps running in and out of her,one of us has to stay in bed with her and invariably we end up falling asleep or being so frustrated,talking to each other is at the bottom of our list.

So this was nice. We put our phones on the vibrate mode and put them face down on the table and just spent time talking..just like old times 🙂 We were both in a good mood,all day :)And ofcourse the good food helped too.




A post a Day

Last night,both the girls wanted their daddy to tuck them in and so I had free time!!! I wanted to sing and dance and jump around..yayyyyyyyyy FREEDOM!! It has been sooo long since that happened. So,I used my free time( how good does that sound!) to read the old posts on the blog and I stumbled upon May 2012..when I was doing a blogpost everyday and it was so nice to read that..I went to bed,feeling happy.
So I have decided to give it another shot.. just random ramblings..nothing fancy,but just tidbits that I can read later and smile at 🙂 Today,after dropping Ms A to school,MsAn and I nicked into the shops to grab a present for Father’s day. Aadi’s school has a Father’s Day stall and she bought presents for SD from there.For the last two years,the pressies are from both her and Anan,but this year,she wants it to be just from her-her being,that Anan is 3 now,she is not a baby and can pick her own presents.So,anyway,we went to the shops and picked up a little present 🙂 And then decided to window shop and I ended up buying a dress. When I tried it on,Ms.An said,”You look cute,Mum” LOL!! Yup! I am a sucker!I bought the is pretty cute too. 
The other exciting bit about today is Didi taught Ms.An how to use the TV remote. So far..I had control of the remote.When she wanted to watch TV,she would bring it to me and ask me to turn it on and I would say no or yes,depending on how much screen time she had already had that day.And obviously didi felt bad for her poor,TV-deprived sister and had to take matter in her hands and rectify the situation! So now,my ickle baby can turn on the TV herself!! She doesn’t need mumma 😦 
That being said,I have to stop this post now,because its nap time and ‘Nanya wants to feep Mummy’ 
Have a great day 🙂