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Hello from Our New Home

Happy New Year 🙂
Hope 2015 is good to you and brings you loads of happiness. As for me,I have found my happy place and a new virtual home,a permanent one( Fingers crossed!) But the fact that I have already purchased the domain,makes me feel this one is for keeps 🙂 Read my blogging story here and please stop by at my new home-
Hope to see you there

15 Marbles

Hello everyone,

Happy New Year!
2015 is the year of change 🙂 We are in a new home,a home of that’s our own and for the first time in so many years,I feel settled and grounded.And so its only fair that our virtual home,gets a permanent address too-one that’s not based on my mood of the day,one that I don’t change on a whim,as I have in the past.Over the past 8 years(!!!),I have changed so many blog names,I have lost count of them,just to list a few-
The very first one was- My Sunshine,started in Feb 2007,just before Ms.A was born.She will be 8 in March and that’s how long my blogging stint is 🙂
Then,I tried anon blogging as the GypsyMumma- We were making a big international move,my life was turning upside down and it showed on my virtual life.
As my life took more crazy turns,my need…

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We whisk you a Merry Kismas


Here’s wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from ALL OF US here at the Sunshine House 😀

1st of December!

I love December! N so I have to blog:)

We are getting settled in our new home… In laws are visiting and so days are flying.. Surprisingly this time I am not in a rush to stash things away, out of the way.. I’m taking it slow.. One bag at a time 🙂
Happy December to you all too.. Let the festivities begin.. Let’s see off 2014 in style 😃

Home owners ❤️

Yayyyy!!! We got the keys and have moved in the new home 😊
This blog will be flooded with new home photos and all that jazz…so please bear with me for I am on the top of the world 😊

That’s us just after collecting the keys!

br />
And the girls so excited to check out their brand new home.
Going to catch some zzzs while I can .I promise not to disappear this time!
Much love,

Family time..

We are in India.. Surprised the families for Diwali..:)
The last year has made me realise that life waits for no-one.. and there is only one way to live the fullest.
I had a health scare early last month and had this urge to see the family,spend time with them and so the trip happened. Thankfully,all is well now..nothing like family support to fix your troubles..I have the answers I needed and am feeling  much better now.
Now on to the trip..Ms.A has everyone charmed with her big girl talks and lady-like charms and Ms.An has everyone smitten with her cuteness and mischief. I swear Ms.A is like a pre-teen,lounging in her aunts room..watching her shows,reading comics and doing her abacus work without me having to tell her.She has a specific shopping list and knows exactly what she wants.
Ms.An ..well she is Ms.An..she follows the family dog with his food bowl and hand-feeds him little nuggets of dog-food..types away at Nanu’s keyboard and tells him “Go Away ..its my noom” She is happy to play on her own..not worrying about anything or anyone.She happily goes off with anyone she meets:)
The internet connection is bad I feel  felt a bit lost without my usual dose of FB and WhatsApp…but a week later,its actually nice.. I like the idea of being on my own.. not traceable 😀
Not that I am ever on my own.. SD is working so the girls are forever stuck to me..I want to get my hair done..:( may be I will take a trip alone next time.
More when I get back home…till then,be good and take care of yourself..

2 am musings..

I started writing this post last night..Ms.An woke up at 2 am for the third time in last 4 nights.. First it was a rash,that was super itchy,then and  ear-infection and then the rash again,last night. SD kept checking on her-she kept jumping from my arms to SD’s ..Anti-histamines took forever to kick in and we spent the next hour or so,sitting like this..

Ms.An sitting between my legs and reading books..She was so frustrated and I was so helpless at the end..finally,we fell asleep a little after 4:30 am. Exhausted now. Turns out its a viral rash-possibly from the sandpit(??) and also has a double ear-infection..:(

So,please send us some prayers ..xoxo


Sharing an old post and fond memories 🙂

Life With My Sunshines

Ashtami always brings back fond memories to me.
My mom used to fast for 9 days during navratri and on the 8th day that is Ashtami, she would do the Kanya pooja or Kanjakein. She would invite 9 girls or more depending on the number of little girls, who were our friends or neighbours. Little boys were also invited so as to not make them feel left out. But the chief guests were the Little girls. These girls were invited home with love, their feet were washed and decorated with haldi-kumkum and aalta. The holy thread was tied to their tiny wrists and then they were all made to sit in a line and a group aarti was performed for all of them. And then came the best part. Then they were all served the traditional bhog of Halwa-Poori- Chane! And there were also gifts – money or bangles, toys…

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1st of October!yay!

Yay!! start of every new month,makes me so excited,like something big is going to happen…This time something big is really happening..each passing day brings us closer to moving into our own house…*knock on the wood*  And there are so many things that need to be taken care of-decluttering ,packing,more decluttering.. decisions to be made.. My head is about to explode with all the information my brain is trying to process and retain.
I am spending most of my free time,contacting tradies and researching various options for blinds and finding the right deal on the furniture!!! Oh that and trying to declutter!! After living in the same house for the last 5 years and the fact that I am a hoarder,its going to take me forever to clear/pack up the house.So,I also waste   spend time looking for decluttering advice,organising the house,etc. on the internet.
I can’t wait to share all the details and pictures with you..just waiting for some final details.. please keep us in your prayers and your fingers crossed for us…
Much love


That should be my middle name!I was so good last week.Planned and cooked healthy meals,every single day,2-3 times a day.And it showed in our bank account and on my weighing scale.Come Saturday,we went to a birthday party after work-picked up takeaway on the way home.

Sunday morning to evening,spent the whole day out furniture shopping/browsing-got takeaway on our way home.
Monday- First day of the holidays-took the kids out,ate in the food court..was too tired,so cooked a nice cheesy pasta for dinner.
Tuesday- work-day- went out for lunch with Ms.A and a friend.Had a meeting in the takeaway for dinner 😦

Wednesday- 12WBT week 2 weigh-in – No change!!! Its better than a gain..but I am disappointed and mad at myself,because till Saturday morning,I had already lost another 700 gms. Seriously,if this isn’t self-sabotage,what is?

So,this morning,I am back on the healthy bandwagon- not eating 12wbt meals..haven’t shopped.But this is what my food diary looks like today:
Breakfast – 2 wholemeal parathas with chai- 248 cal
Lunch- Crunchy sprouts,mixed greens,paneer salad- 265 cals
Dinner- Slow-cooked Chicken plus steamed rice- ( I will aim to stay within 300 calories)
Snacks- That’s the tricky one for me 😦 may be a boiled egg with some nuts and tea.

Send me some stick-to-the-plan vibes or give me a stern talking to..:)
More soon..

Back on!

I have a new laptop ! yay! The last one was a write-off 😦 Just when I was warming up to it. This one is completely different from any laptops I have used before and might take a while to get used to.But at least I have a laptop.

In the last few days,I have finished 3 books and sort of decluttered – used my time wisely 😀
Its the first day of school holidays here and both girls were out of bed by 7:15 am..seriously,I thought I had trained them better.So,brekky’s done,I let them watch some TV and now we are going to walk up to our local shopping centre to meet Peppa Pig and Ms.A’s besties,followed by lunch.
I am proud to tell you that we went a whole week without takeaways..pre-planning works.BUT we ended up getting Takeaways over the weekend. I tried my best to eat healthy, but yesterday wasn’t so good. So going to be really good today!I am not going to fall off the wagon this time..I am not going to fall off the wagon this time!!

Ok now,I have washing to hang,battle with Ms.An to brush her hair and get her changed,so I will stop here. Have a nice day,lovely people 🙂
I leave you with a pic of my three from a party this weekend…not the best photo,but I love it!
10705349_702139099834655_2107884858_nMore later..xoxo