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Baby Food -1

I wrote on my Baby Blog about doing a post or a series of posts about baby food here. So, here’s the first post.

The picture that you see above is typically what Aadya’s plate looks like. This plate here has- Pureed carrots and Ragi porridge.I keep them in separate bowls so that she can see and taste both individually and also when I want I mix them.But the idea is for her to know the individual tastes.

Now,I got a packet of Nachni satva, also available in stores as other brands- Ragivita. It is essentially Ragi powder. Ragi is very easy to digest and so the best food for babies. In fact,in most maharashtrian home,the babies first solid food is Nachani or ragi.

The directions on the packet said to- Mix 1 tsp ragi powder with 1/2 cup milk and bring it to boil.Add sugar to taste.

Since I am not giving any sugar,salt or milk to Aadya, I just substituted the milk with water and omitted the sugar. And then I added a little formula / breast milk to it. 🙂

Here’s what Poppin’s mom wrote!

Keep the recipes and ideas coming ladies..I will put them up once I am back!