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Newest Mom on the blogs! Part-1

I spent two days in bed(March 28th & 29th).I was cramping so badly..I was sure something was wrong. I called up the nurse and she thought it meant that my cervix was thinning and that i would go into labour soon.How soon is any one’s guess!
So,I waited. Come Friday morning,March 30th and the cramping is worse.Baby SS was also moving less.I called up the nurse again, and she said if she didn’t move 4 times in the next hour , then to go to Labour & Delivery. And she moved.
So,We just went for the scheduled NST. DH got stuck at work again and I lost my temper.I ranted and raved while he just calmly kept driving and when I stopped ranting he asks me if i want to attend a potluck with his colleagues!!That triggered another round of ranting!
Fast-Forward to L&D:
Baby SS was still moving less,NST readings were not satisfactory and so I had to stay longer.Then, they performed the biophysical profile test and she was still not moving much.
So,they decided to have me stay longer.At around 6.00pm,the nurse tried to stimulate the baby to move.. and boy did she move! I felt like there were 10 babies in my tummy for that1 minute.She moved ,her heart rate accelerated and then just like that it started to drop.The nurse called the doctor on call.DH was watching TV oblivious to all this..I yelled at him to check what was happening,he saw and ran out to get the nurse.. while i am holding my breath .. The baby’s heart rate had dropped to 60 .They put me on oxygen and that helped her a little. The nurses kept asking me if i felt the contractions but i didn’t feel any. They decided I had to stay back..I asked them how long and the doctor said..till you deliver the baby. And silly me is thinking.. “OH my God! What am I going to do in a hospital for two more weeks!!” Must have been high on oxygen or preoccupied with thoughts of yummy Dosas at our favorite local restaurant!! DH asked her are you talking of delivering tonight..She said yes.Then started the process of undressing and examining and more examining. I was checked by at least 3 nurses and 2 doctors .As it turned out I was 2 Cm dilated but the baby was not reacting well to contractions.They gave us time to consider if we wanted to wait or looking at the situation go in for C-sec.We decided to go for a C-sec as Baby SS was more important than anything else.At 7.00pm, the doctor came back and told us that she could start the delivery at 8.00
DH rushed home to grab the camera..Yes! our bags were in the car but Camera was at home!He lit a lamp,prayed.. while I spoke to my dad and shocked the daylights out of him.He was just getting ready to have his morning cup of tea when I called.He went and lit a lamp too.
They took me in at 8.00 .DH had just arrived, by the time he changed into his scrubs, I was already numb from belly button down.
More- in next post..
P.S.-I decided to go ahead and post this.. I have already saved this as a draft countless number of times..adding from one word to 1 line each time..