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Day 3- A big cookout &10,000 visitors on the blog!

Every week,we start eating healthy/clean.But by the time its Friday evening,all good intentions fly out the window.Weekend mood kicks in and that’s it..who really wants to cook then. And then starts my downward spin :Eat-out on Friday night,followed by eat-out on saturday afternoon,may be cook something or else,eat out on Saturday night.Sunday morning starts out good-I cook a big breakfast and then we go for swimming at 2..But by the time we finish,everyone is starving and the first stop before home is fast-food!!There I have said it all now!
I work so hard to lose weight during the week- I workout,I walk,eat healthy..and then I go and ruin it all in the the 2.5 days,that is the weekend.This weekend,I was feeling horrible and told SD that something needs to change.
Hence the cookout today.
For my cookout menu today,I am making-

A big batch of chapati dough-ready,
Chicken curry-chicken is getting marinated,
sprouts curry – ready and
Cabbage-mixed vegetable stir-fry- Cabbage is chopped.

While I cooked the Sprouts curry,I did my 25 squats for the day.I had a big workout this morning,one that involved a lot of punching on a punching bag..I am sore all over and I have to tell you the squats hurt like H.E.L.L!!! SD was sitting right there,as I grunted my way through them..Oh!Dear God! The man has seen me in every form now!!LOL!

I leave you with a recipe for the sprouts curry:



3 cups of mixed sprouts(mung,chickpeas,peas,lentils)
1 medium onion( fined chopped in the chopper)- Very fine,but not just puree’ed yet!
1 small tomato (fine chopped in the chopper)
1 tbspn ginger-garlic paste.
salt ( to taste)
1/2 tsp turmeric powder
2 tsp cumin powder
2 tsp red chili powder
1 tsp garam masala/curry powder
3 cups water.
oil( 2 tsp)
1 tsp cumin seeds
Fresh Coriander& grated fresh coconut(optional) for garnish

Heat oil in a pan and and add cumin seeds.When they start to splatter,add the chopped onions and fry till they turn translucent.
Add ginger garlic paste and fry for one minute,and add the tomatoes,fry well till all the water from the tomatoes has dried up.
Add the sprouts and add the spice powders and the salt and toss it all together,gently.
And lastly add the water.Bring it to a boil and then cover and let it cook on a low flame till the beans are soft.If the water is drying up and the beans are still not stop,add a little more water.But you don’t want the curry to be too watery.

Garnish with fresh coriander leaves and grated coconut.Serve hot with Chapati or steamed rice.

This dish tastes good even with plain bread slices to dunk in.At least that’s how it was served in our college canteen.It was the most sold item and so wholesome,specially for those days,when you were slogging in a chemistry lab from 7:30 am to 11:00 am and only had an hour or so before the lectures began.I can tell you,I had wolfed down food that fast,before or after those wonder years!

Oh and I am so excited!! My blog just crossed the 10,000 visitors.I am especially thrilled because its been a year since I bought this domain,but I actually migrated all my blogs here and started blogging regularly only since August.So,A big Thank you to all of you,who didn’t give up on me through all those url-changes..and A big thank you to ALL of you,who take the time to visit,read and comment.
Thank you!thank you!thank you!!!
And if you are just a lurker,why not leave me a comment ..Go on..don’t be shy 🙂


For the love of Dosa;) Post 12

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No no this is not a recipe post..Its just a thinking-of-food post 😀
I HEART Dosa.. Like really really HEART Dosa!
Infact it was one of the first things,I learned to make perfectly.I was in grade 9-10 and we had a maid called Anthony Amma.She was a mother of 8 and super-smart,eager to learn. My mom had trouble rolling rotis and so one of Anthony Amma’s jobs was to make rotis too.
My mom practiced her rusted Tamil with her and Anthony Amma soon picked up words and phrases in English.As time went,she began to love my mom so much,that she would quickly finish her other job and come and help mom,in other chores.My mom would say no,but she wouldn’t listen. And Anthony Amma used to make the most amazing dosas..even better than my mom:)
I pestered her to teach me how and she gladly did.. And since then,I became the official dosa maker in the family!:)

Now,I like my dosas to be a little greasy..I don’t mean dripping with oil,but just enough to stain your fingers:) I am not a non-stick pan,no-oil dosa person..nuh-uh! And I love it with lots of Sambhar,2-3 chutneys or even just plain chai! When I was pregnant with Babushka,come Friday afternoon and I would start craving for Dosas..:) made by someone else..And the closest Indian restaurant serving Dosas was a good 30 minute drive away..Ohh the anticipation of the steaming hot dosa,made the drive seem even longer. And you know what?It wasn’t even that delicious!!LOL! I think I just craved the whole aroma,and the feel of being served hot,steaming dosas:)
Now,the Babushka and SD love Dosas too and we can have it ALL day long! Seriously,I am not kidding..I make a huge pot of Sambhar and a big bowl of chutney in the morning on weekends..and we have Dosa-chutney-Sambhar for brekky,lunch and dinner!
Why am I writing all this?Well no reason,just that we had Dosa-Sambhar-chutney for Dinner and its still on my mind..:) And every time I make Dosa,I remember how someone had once served me no-oil Dosa,I ate one politely..and then,caved in said, “I am sorry..but could you make me one dosa will a little oil or ghee? ” LOL!! if looks could kill that would have been my last dosa..

Ohh!! And my most favorite ones are plain or cheese Dosa!! *drool*
What about you?How do you like your Dosa? or if you don’t like Dosa,what’s your favorite food??