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Halloween 2012 in Pictures NaBloPoMo-1

This year we tried our hands at Pumpkin Carving..Well,I decided we’ll do it..and SD was the one who actually did it:) I did help by drawing the shapes that he needed to carve.

He was bestowed the title of ‘The Coolest Dad in the whole World’

This year,I wanted to put some decorations up,because Aadya was so excited about Halloween..So,I made this ghost,inspired by someone from one of my facebook groups.

Nothing like a little Tinsel garland to brighten up.

A Bunting using witches and Halloween themed pictures from one of Aadya’s activity books.

The Indo-Western touch at the main door

And finally,the stars of the blog…

Happy Halloween from My Sunshines

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3 more sleeps

… till our vacation begins.. but I am really happy tonight..SD is on his way home..:) I can just go to bed at 9 pm if I want,for the next 2 weeks..and I am hoping,that after the vacation,the remainder of SD’s travel period will fly off!


Wordless Wednesday

Easter Long weekend-1-Post 4

This year, we had a 5 day weekend for Easter and the 5 days were well spent:)
On Friday, we took Babushka to watch Rio,the movie and she Loved it.She just couldn’t stop talking about it. Her favorite part of the movie was -when Blu flies.
We spent a lot of time doing things together as a family-be it reading,playing silly games, walking in the park or cleaning the house. It was really nice,the feeling of belonging and togetherness..:)
On Saturday,a friend cooked up a delicious fish curry for me,since I was craving it:P And we gobbled it up over back-to back viewing of Harry Potter. Sometime,during Babushka’s Easter Break,we introduced her to the HP series and she has fallen in love with the BOY!She couldn’t stop asking,”what’s his name,again??Can I watch the Boy’s movie?” So,yeah we watched and we she remembers every sequence!!
On Sunday we set out to see the old gold mining town of Sovereign Hills in Ballarat.We joined 2 other families there..their older kids are 4 or almost 4 too..and the younger ones are babies..:) So, a good time was had by all.The kids had each other for company and we grown-ups had fun too:) I will let the pictures do the rest of the talking…

Monkeying around in the gold Musuem

Three little explorers-aah the prospects:)

Checking out the miners’ tent

Cooking up a feast-Chicken soup to be precise!

My little gold-digger-she refused to move from there till we actually picked up a glittering pebble,made a big fuss about her finding GOLD!! She was so excited…for all of 5 minutes and then,she got tired and said,”its ok Never mind…we could throw this”..and threw it away!

After we dragged her away from the gold-digging site,we headed off to Bendigo,our next destination and pit stop:)
All that walking and exploring,left us so tired.. Babushka couldn’t fall asleep till we gave her a foot-rub!
More later.. 🙂