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Of Happy Dreams and Big Beds and My Nooms.

Before I begin this post,a slight digression-I think I am going through a serious writer’s block..or my brain is all spent,after a month and half of house-guests.I have been meaning to write this post for almost a week now..but..just didn’t feel upto it.Until today,I realised,that I am forgetting details and there is no more dilly-dallying.And as I sit here typing,Aadya is busy washing the coffee table!Phew..Saved the table.End of Digression.
Lets start at the very beginning..When we moved to Australia..somewhere between our departure from Texas and arrival at Melbourne and all the travel in between,Aadya moved into our bed and she was staying put.
And frankly,the luxury of cuddling up with the little warm body,was too much to give up.But over the past few weeks,I think after her grand-parents arrived,Aadya had become too clingy.Clinging to me,all the time..and more so in bed.She was almost hanging by my neck..clutching my night-shirt,waking up,even if I turned.God forbid,if I had to go to the toilet,she would sit up and cry,till I didn’t get back in bed.We were all beginning to get sleep-deprived.But S was still not ready to move her out..and I didn’t want to be blessed with the ILs ire either.So we waited.
And then,last week we spent a day at a friend’s place.And there she slept in the spare single bed,all by herself…and she looked so comfortable…I decided to try it .
The next day,Friday,I asked Aadya,if we should set up her room.And if she would help me.She was excited..”Help” is the magic word around here!So,we cleared out all her toys and moved it to the other room;Vaccumed the carpet,polished the window sills and it was time to move the bed.And Pipette was Super excited about the bed.When we bought it,we told her,it was her bed.And everytime,one of our house-guests slept on it..she made it a point to tell them that it was her bed.
So,we moved the bed and Aadi grabbed a pillow,from our room and announced excitedly,”My Noom…My bed,Big Bed!” I asked her if she would like to sleep there and she said yes. I put her down for a nap there.Now comes the Happy Dreams part.
The regulars of this blog and my old blog know that the Pipette’s bedtime is a tiresome routine..not something I look forward to. So,I was constantly trying something..reading the stories over and over again..I know no toddler,ever has enough of stories.It was the crying at bedtime that drove me nuts.So,one night,I just said,”If you cry,you’ll get nightmares..But if you do hasi-hasi(laugh) and sleep,you will get Happy Dreams!” Dreams? she asked..and I went ahead and painted a color picture with words..of her going out to play in big park,where she would meet all her friends ..of a field full of colorful balloons..of a nice birthday party with lots of candy and cakes … of long car rides to wonderland..and of playing with her disney friends.
And before I knew it,she was fast asleep.Now,we look forward to Happy dreams..somedays we talk about our day,some day,we just imagine.So now back to the big move to the big bed.

Day 1- Bath,dinner,Milk,story ,followed by happy dreams and lights off. Aadya woke up at 3.00 am,then at 5.00 am.I dozed off next to her the second time.

Day 2- We had dinner out and came back by 10.00 pm.Massage,Milk,story,followed by happy dreams and lights off.woke up at 3.00 AM and 5.00 AM.I just patted her and went back to our bed.

Day 3- Bath,Dinner,Milk,story,followed by Happy dreams.I came to my bed at 1.00.Next time,I woke up at 4.00,feeling cold,IN Aadya’s bed.When I got there,No Idea!I went back to bed.Aadya slept peacefully.

Day 4-Bath,Dinner,Milk,story-This time its Dad’s turn to do the bed-time routine. 1 hour and still Aadya is running in and out of the room.Finally,we had to trade places…and she was fast asleep in 10 minutes.She didn’t wake up at night.Got up in the morning,drank her milk and came and gave me her empty bottle.

Day 5- Dinner,Bath,Story-Happy dreams,followed by long story time.Dad’s turn again.This time,he left her in bed and said he will be back in 2 mins if she keeps her eyes closed..this went on for 20 minutes and then she dozed off.She slept through the night.

Day 6- Dinner,Bath,story,Milk,Dreams,some more milk,Last time Susu,finally,I left her in bed,followed S’s method,kissed her good night Princess..Hugs and cuddles and 20 minutes later,Princess was fast asleep.She slept through the night.

Aadya loves her new Noom(room) and her big bed. This is a big move for all of us and I am so glad,its going tearlessly ..(anti-jinx).
Speaking of big moves by little girls,my little girl is almost toilet-trained,staying dry at nights and going to the toilet through out the day.The only hitch is she still needs a diaper to poop.One or two times,that she pooped in the pot ,she started she lost something precious or like she’s committed a big crime.But,its alright…she’ll get there.Slow and steady is the name of the game.

On the home front,I am still struggling to bring the house back to order…I am T-I-R-E-D of cooking….I cooked so much in the last month and half….I am exhausted!Aadya and I were very sick for over 2 weeks and I can still feel the weakness.But,we are finally catching up with friends and each other..:),on our reading and PS3…and our lazing around.
Thats all from our end..Hope you have been good..:) Hopefully you haven’t given up on me..and will be back for more.
Here’s the Pipette at Federation Square-

Mommy Guilt

Mommy guilt strikes when you least expect it..
You see your baby gurgling and cooing happily at strangers and it rears its ugly head..And you start thinking”Oh may be she is bored of seeing me all day long-may be she will be happier if she was spending some time with others.”
You leave your baby with a sitter at the gym,tears streaming down her face,and there it is again,Mommy guilt-“I must be most selfish mom,leaving her crying child,with a stranger,so she can get some Me-time.”
The mother’s heart never stops breaking…be it over her child’s smiles or over her baby’s tears.
The latest heart-breaker in my list is little Aadya’s latest demand.Every morning when she wakes up,she demands for a BROTHER or a SISTER…depending on her mood that day.The reason being,two of her friends have a baby brother and sister each.And now,the Princess demands a Brother or sister of her own!!!!
My 2 year old? Really???If we ask her why she wants a brother or sister,she says to- huggie the said brother/sister.
Today she started her demand for a Sister,at nap-time.When I ignored,she went on to pretend cry.I ignored that too.So,little missy tells me,”Mummy,Aadya is crying”
I asked her,”Why baby?”
“Me want a Sister,Mummy not giving,Aadi crying,”Came the prompt reply.
What do you say to that??Mommy guilt kicked in and I felt all sad and mushy and cursed the damn PCOS .
And then,laughed at the whole thing…how a little 2 year old can hold your heart in her little fist and squeeze it ,while all you want to do is,squeeze her in your hug.

This child?My mother?My child?

This post is probably going to be as confusing as its title.
Today,as I was putting Aadi to bed,I was thinking of my mother. The reason being,my glasses.Many many years ago,a routine eye exam revealed that I was near-sighted and needed glasses.I was very upset and didn’t find the glasses very appealing.Like a normal,almost teenage girl,I thought the glasses spoiled my looks,and would shy away from wearing them,most of the time.Its another story that because of my vanity,I am almost blind now.Anyway,my mom would keep reminding me to wear my glasses.If I was lying in bed and reading,holding the book too close to my face,she would ask me to sit up and wear my glasses.It was like she was my glasses-police.
Over the years,I outgrew the vanity and realised that the glasses are not so unbecoming after all. And though now,I use contact lens when I go out,most of the day,I wear my glasses.Sometimes even go out wearing my glasses.Now at home,Aadi is my specs-police.She just doesn’t let me take off my glasses.Even compliments me,when I put them on.Its her almost crazy obsession,that makes me think of my mother..It was like my mum’s goal was to make sure I wore glasses all day long,so as to “decrease my power”.
As I lay in bed,cuddling with Aadi,helping her fall asleep,she snuggled up to me and called me by my childhood name and its not the first time,she’s called me by that name.The only people who ever call me by this particular name is my parents,and occasionally my aunt.My dad,and aunt haven’t addressed me by this name in front of Aadya..then,how I wonder does she know this name?And if its just a name of endearment,that she created,why doesn’t she use it for the DH?
I was still thinking these thoughts when she fell asleep.I sneaked out to the kitchen,to grab a glass of water.And what do I see on the kitchen window?A pale brown butterfly.At this time of the night! What is so special about the butterfly,you must be wondering.They say and we believe,that when a departed soul,of a loved one,is hovering near you,they appear in front of you,in the form of a butterfly.We,i.e.,my family started sighting this butterfly after my mom’s death..any time,there was a family gathering, or on important days,like birthdays,festivals,exams etc..Every time,we,the DH and I, moved into a new place,the butterfly was there to welcome us.When we had to do the unexpected road-trip,when I was 3 months pregnant..the butterfly was sitting on our windscreen,when not even a bird or insect was seen.And it was freezing outside.Call me crazy,call me superstitious,but when I saw the butterfly tonight,unknowingly,the first thought in my mind was,”Hi Mom!” ….And I had to write this post.
Somehow,it just explains,the unexplained peace,the unexpected closure to my mother’s death,that Aadi’s birth brought me..It also explains,why I never felt alone,when I was all alone,in the inital days,after she was born and the DH was stuck in work..It all makes sense..It does really.

Short days and Long Nights

The last few days have been so full that even S has taken to asking,What’s keeping you so busy?Well,the thing with him is,if and when I call him up,he tells me “I am busy”..even before I can say hello..So these days I don’t call him up and suddenly out of the blue he calls up,saying,”what’s keeping you so busy?ek call bhi nahi kar sakte?”Umm..”Isnt that my line,”I ask…mumble mumble..something something he says…basically to make me feel like I am ignoring him.But I am not..really just as I am not ignoring the blog(s).Winter is almost here,days are short and nights longer.By 6.30 its pitch dark and I spent the first week feeling miserable,homesick and depressed.Then,I decided to make the most of the day.So,I rearranged our day.Instead of going out for a walk,after Aadya woke up from her nap,we go in the morning.We have a light breakfast ,followed by an early lunch and head off to the town center.Its a nice 20 minute walk.First stop is the play area.Aadya plays there for about 40-45minutes,then,we browse through the stores.By the time we come back,almost 3 hours have passed.Then,its time for the Aadya’s nap.She naps,while,I pick up my knitting or crochet projects.On days that I dont feel like going for a walk,we spend an hour or so in the garden..and then head to the park after lunch.The park is really,just outside.I just have to open the gate and and we are in the park.But,this new schedule suits us well..After a busy morning,its nice to unwind in the evening and the darkness doesnt seem so bad.I start cooking only after it gets dark and so that one hour or so goes by really fast.Aadya likes to help me and so,cooking is fun.

That’s how we are spending our short days and long nights..What do you do in winter,to keep depression and boredom away?

P.S.I tried to post pictures I dunno how many times..but my internet connection is very bad.I will try again another day.

Happy Birthday,My Darling

My Dearest Aadi,
Happy Birthday !You,my dear,are turning Two today.And as I sit down to write this letter to you,I am lost.I try to remember you as a new born and I can’t.I try to remember your first wobbly steps and I can’t.When I look at your pics from a few months ago,it seems like someone else.Yes,that’s how much you have changed.Your Papa and I have spent most of the last month,wondering,how much our baby has grown up.

If your first year with us,went by very fast,then the second zoomed by even before we said your name.While the first year meant sleepless nights,midnight feeds,countless diaper changes and much more ,the second year was all fun.It was fun,watching you grow.You grew from a crawler to a walker and even runner.Aww,sweetie,we could watch you run,forever-your chubby baby legs,going fast,your little baby butt,swinging with each leap,you are delight to our eyes.

Not only did you learn to eat yourself,you do it with such style.You insist on eating with a spoon,you wont touch your food,till you are not handed a spoon,and then promptly dig in with your hands.Its mesmerising,watching you pick a tiny morsel with 2 perfect baby fingers and drop it into your mouth so gracefully.You insist on using a knife and fork for eating your eggs,and use them with perfect ease.I am so proud of you.
We both are.And though Papa may get angry sometimes or rough-house with you,he is a mush-ball,where you are concerned.And you,my darling,know that, better than me.You hug him,you kiss him or you just sulk and tell him how angry you are,and he is ready to give you the moon and the stars.
For most part of your first year and early last year,you were a clingy baby.So many times,that was a cause of irritation or embarrassment for me or your Papa-imagine,him coming to pick you up and you screaming,murder!Everyone told us,it was because,you saw only me all day.But,over the last few months,you have bloomed into an independent social bee.You love being around other people.You love interacting with others and now others ask us,if you go to a play school and we proudly answer,that you are home with me.
When I watch you,walk confidently,in a crowded room,my heart swells with pride.When you have the attention of the crowd,you do your thing-smile your sweet smile,put up a cute show,almost unconsciously and keep your audience interested.You are natural star and you know it too.But its your innocence that makes you the rock star.
And you rock my world.I try hard but cannot remember life without you.Sometimes,when you are awake and chattering non-stop,I wish for a moment of quiet.But,when you are sleeping,I find myself waiting for you to wake up or even wanting to wake you up*gasp*.After that initial moment of quiet,the silence becomes uncomfortable and I find myself missing that chit-chat.In these two years,you have taken over my thoughts,my mind and my heart completely.The love that I feel for you,I can’t explain even to you..May be you’ll know it when you are a mom(By the time you read this,you would have probably heard this line,in so many different tones,in many different contexts.) I used to roll my eyes,the same way you would be doing then.
But even if I rolled my eyes,I always wanted to be a mom.Always.Even when I was fifteen or was it thirteen.And I knew that I wanted to be a mom to a baby girl.I always wanted a girl.Like most teenage girls,I wanted a girl to dress her up in pretty clothes. After your Nani passed away,I wished even more to have a daughter,to have a mother-daughter relationship-it didn’t matter that I would be the mother,this time round.My desire for a daughter,grew with each year,that you didn’t appear.Now,I realise,that you took so long to come,because,perfection takes time.Yes,my darling,you are perfect..even with your little imperfections.What imperfections,you ask?Well,your temper for one 🙂 You of the volatile temper and you who is quick to say,”Sorry”.. Yes,you are perfect.
Stay the same baby girl..I know you have a lot of growing up to do,I want you to be all grown up,but you’ll always be my little baby.You are getting closer to your Papa,now,but I’ll always know you more -just a tad more,for those nine months,when you were just mine-for all to know but only for me to feel.You clung to him,again today,when you were sleepy and I watched,partly with love,partly with envy and he asked me,if I was scared of losing my baby to him..I said,Naah..Little does he know,how close to truth he was or may be he does.
Now,when I try to remember the days when I was pregnant,or even your first few months,it seems so far off in time.My memories are a little fuzzy but one thing is crystal clear and that is the feeling of being overwhelmed,by the love I feel for you. Tonight,as I type this fervently,while sneaking furtive glances at your sleeping form,I feel the same.And I feel bad for being hard on you,at bed-time,every night.It breaks my heart even more when you snuggle close to me,as I get in bed and then,I know,we are OK..We are friends again 🙂 And the only reason,I write this today,is because,that’s how I want us to stay always..As friends.I want to be the one you come to,with whatever is on your mind.And if for some reason,I am not,show me this post and remind me.And if for some reason,you don’t feel like being friends ,see this post and remember how much I love you.
We just put up a birthday banner,with your favorite Pooh and filled your favorite corner with your oldest toys and balloons..I hope when,you wake up,you are happily surprised.Hearing that “WowWWW” is the inspiration for so many things,that we do.
Jaanu,may your life be always filled with sunny days and happy moments.May you always be happy,As happy as you have made us.You are our lives sweetest blessing.
God bless you,My Angel.
Happy Birthday,Baby girl!
Love you Always..

Papa’s Pipette

Aadya is turning into a daddy’s girl,slowly and steadily.Everyday,the first thing she says,when she wakes up is,”Papa Offish”.Then,start the pretend phone calls,spread through out the day.When Papa calls,Mamma can’t hang up,without the Pipette talking to him.Come evening and the Pipette,peeks out the window,every few minutes,to see if Papa is home.And when he does arrive home,he is greeted with a big squeal and she jumps into his arms,starting her non-stop narrative of the day.

He is not allowed to put her down,even for a minute,till she doesn’t finish.It doesn’t matter if Papa might need to use the toilet or wash his face.All that has to wait.

Then,Papa is in-charge of the dinner,teeth brushing,Shower(depending on the Pipette’s mood,mamma or papa are summoned).Sometimes a car-ride is demanded too..and Papa being the good one,always obliges,well almost always.

Then,bed-time masti is always Papa-Pipette time,when mamma is pushed to the sidelines.They talk,they laugh,they jump,they pretend-laugh too.Sometimes,they cuddle with Mamma too..and the Pipette,makes sure that she is between Mamma and Papa,clinging to Papa.

On Weekends,the first thing she asks,as always is Papa Offish?When S says,no baby no office today..the mood is set.The Pipette has a big smile on her face.Most days,we give her a bottle in bed,and laze around.But,Pipette is too restless to stay in bed.She starts pulling Papa,saying Utho Utho(wake up) till he doesnt get up from the bed.She even brings our glasses to us,specially opening Papa’s,so all he has to do is put it on.

Here’s some exchanges between Papa and Pipette-

When Papa is just back from work-

Pipette- Papa Papa,Maana.(Maana= slapping/hitting)

Papa-Kaun mara mere baby ko?(who hit my baby)

Pipette- Mamma..Maana Maana,Pipette cry park fwing mamma push bala shcared….and so on.


Pipette-no no Fwing!

Papa-Fwing na


The Pipette says all S words with an F or SH sound.So swing is fwing,spider is fider,scared is shared,santa is shanta,you get the gist.

Mamma was hiding somewhere,laughing,but of course,she didn’t want to upset the Pipette:)

Pipette throwing toys,Papa pretending to scold her,while winking at mamma

Pipette-No-No-No No Daati (No scolding)

Papa-Ok meri Ma(ok mom!)

Pipette- (runs to Mamma)- Ma,Ma

In the kitchen,Pipette opening the cupboard

Papa-Kya ho raha hai?(What are you doing?)


Papa-What? Shaafing kya hai?(what is Shaafing)

Pipette- Shaaf Papa,Wash,shaaf.(Shaaf=Saaf,in hindi=clean)

Papa and Mamma both were stumped at this one.How does a child so small know to put -ing after the word..

At the grocery store,Pipette wants to pick up a packet of speciality cheese,

Papa-No,we are not buying that cheese

Pipette-No,Wandit wandit

Papa-no no you dont want it..we are not buying that.

Pipette-Big scowl on the wee face-Pipette Angee..

Papa-olle angry..

Pipette- no Pipette Angee

Papa(to Mamma)-Should we buy the cheese?

This little princess has her Papa wrapped around her little finger.

Fawers of a different kind

This is what Aadya was busy doing,while I finished cooking yesterday evening.She came and presented me the colorful bouquet of wash-cloths,telling me,”Mumma,Fawers”..and when I asked her to pose with it,she kept it down and ran off to show me her second creation.

“Look Mumma”,she said..and before I could say anything,she went on..”Wowwwwwwww..clap clap,Job!!(Job means Good Job in Aadya-speak!)
These blocks are her new favorite toys.

My Sunshine

So,we took Aadya for a haircut,over the weekend.This was her first time,in a regular Salon.The previous haircuts,were done in kiddie salons,where she got to sit in a Toy police car or a Toy BMW ,watch videos,while getting her hair cut.But,this time,it was just a regular Salon..nothing fancy shmancy.
The only thing kiddie was the Wiggles apron.So,she sat on the chair,the apron was donned.And then,she looked around.Smiled at the hair dresser.She asked her,would you like to see a magazine?”Yes”.replied the Diva!So,a magazine was brought and Mumma was made to turn the pages.
At one point the hair-dresser asked me,if i wanted it cut that short and Aadya,replied..Yeah. umm about making your own decisions.
Then,the hair dresser started snipping.Aadi turned her head towards the hair dresser and said,Slowly..Slowly.Aadi sitting.I think she wanted to tell her,that she was telling her to go slow,so as to not hurt her!
The hair dresser did a double take and I am sure was in shock,because she forgot to trim the hair in the front.That hair had to be trimmed by yours truly..and if I may say so myself,I think I did a pretty good job.
After aadya,I sat down for my cut. Sanj took her for a walk.They came back and the first thing she asked me was Mumma done?Go now?Oh well,as if an impatient S wasn’t enough.

Our saturdays are busy and tiring,with the house hunting.So,we decided to sleep in on Sunday.But,for some reason,I couldn’t sleep till late.So,I woke up and the other bed-mates were still fast asleep.I lazed around,surfed the net and then got up to fix myself a cup of coffee.Which is when my baby woke up.Every morning,when she wakes up,I greet her with a “Good morning,did you sleep well?”..So,this Sunday,she stretched,cuddled with S,waited for me to come back to bed..When I didn’t,she came running to the kitchen and said,”Mumma,Moorninn,sleep well”… Ohhh there is just something so delicious about just woken babies..just so sweet,so warm…I just picked her up and cuddled,cuddled..And of course,the day was great,after that perfect greeting and perfect start!


Monday was another hot day.So,we went to the nearest Mall,with two of my girlfriends.One of them has a daughter,about 15 months old. After lunch,the non-mommy friend ,D,decided to give us moms a breather,to finish our drinks in peace,while she took the babies for a walk.A photography promotion was on and they were giving free balloons to kids.The babies also got balloons…Aadya’s favorite thing in the whole wide world. As we mommies joined the rest of our group,Aadya came running to me,to show me her Ballum!And I asked her,did you say Thank you.She was excited..and talking about her Ballum and didn’t answer me.But the lady at the counter,said..”Yes she did .You have a very polite little girl!!”And I can’t tell you how happy that made me..But really,its all Aadya.If I go one step with her,she goes four.At times like this,I forget all about the tantrums,feel guilty,even…and just thank God,for blessing me with this divine child.


22 month old Little Lady

Aadya turned 22 months old on 30th of January.We were trying to stay cool, in the heat wave and this post was the last thing on my mind.
ms.Aadya has had a busy month..She has just turned into a little lady.Her Vocabulary has increased ten-folds and she can easily string sentences now.Sometimes the order is jumbled up but,she can very easily convey what she is trying to say.One of her earlier sentences,is “Mumma grapes give”I was so thrilled when she said that.
Her favorite pass-time is going over her day,at the end of the day.We are in bed,and she starts telling,what all she did,where she went,what she ate.Its so much fun.On our way,back from any outing,she tells long stories about our trip out.Its good entertainment for others in the bus or train.Oh and whoever is sitting next to us,or in our vicinity she waves at them.Once a school teacher was sitting opposite us,correcting his papers and didn’t notice her,waving.She got very upset and complained to me about him!! Me?I just wanted to hide somewhere!
This little peanut has the memory of an elephant and chooses to surprise us,when we are least expecting it! The other day I was singing a song for her and out of the blue,she completed it.She knows,which of our friends stay where..As soon as we pull into the parking lot,she starts calling them by their names!I swear we keep telling her to address them,as uncle/auntie..and when we call them,by their names,she never forgets to correct us,saying uncle/auntie!
The current HOT WORD is TIGHT if she doesn’t want to wear anything,its tight.If she feels hot,she says tight.Sanj took her to the supermarket,one day and she didn’t want him to buckle her up and she made it a point to tell every passer-by that she was feeling tight!!One lady actually stopped and told him,that may be the belt was too tight for the baby!!He refuses to take her out alone!!
The current favorite color is PINK! and at least one piece of clothing has to been Peek(Aadya-speak for Pink) If there is no Peek,the outfit is rejected.Going out has become a nightmare,because nothing pleases the little DIVA!Nothing,I lay out.She doesn’t even look at the clothes,I lay out on the bed,heads for the cupboard old is she?16?
Aadya likes choices..she likes to pick,what she wants to eat.So,we have a deal.She gets to pick what she wants for breakfast and snack and I get to pick what she eats for lunch and dinner.Its been working fine till now..I hope I didn’t just jinx it.
[Anti-jinx]And now,why did I say she is turning into a little lady?She now says Please and Thank you,without a prompt from us.She doesn’t accept anything from others,without checking with either of us.She says Sorry,if she so much as even bumps someone.If someone else bumps her,she tells them,”Slowly,slowly”(Aadya-speak for gently)She shifts,to share her seat,shares her snacks,toys ,without being told..[Anti-jinx] OK I am going to stop talking about my little lady now.
Aadya is showing her sensitive side too.She cries and gets disturbed,when she sees other babies cry.She wants everyone to be her friend and gets upset,if we are angry with her.And she knows if someone is angry,she should say sorry.We were visiting friends and Sanj’s friend T was trying to play with her,but she refused to play with him.He got up to go to the restroom and she started missing him.So,we joked with her,saying that T is upset and has gone away.As soon as he came back..she ran to him,saying Sorry,holding her ears..It was such a heart-melting sight.Made our hearts swell!

That’s most of what Ms.Aadya has been up to,last month.I will write more as I remember.

Pipetty-Pipette,Almost Two…
Papa&Mumma love you.

The new Cosmo girl

Yes,Cosmo magazine has a new reader!Who else,but your friendly neighbourhood little girl! She has taken a liking to it.And turning its glossy pages is her new pass time.She admires the beautiful outfits,the lovely shoes,pointing each out as DaysSH(dress),Shoe,eyes(those kohl lined eyes).She was turning the pages and I saw some hot guys,I said to her,pointing at one,Aww isn’t he cute,Aadi? and she looks at him and says,SHMART!!! Needless to say,Sanj just rolled his eyes.
And an advantage of your daughter enjoying the same magazines as you is,that you can discuss fashion.I showed her this lovely LBD and asked her,how it was and she said..Awwwwwwwwww cuteeeeee..Then,I asked her to push my case to her dad,and she did…”Bubba,DAyshh Mumma buy” Who can refuse such a cute request,surely not her Bubba..So,we are going shopping!!Yay!