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Day 3- Monday is the new Sunday :)

Now that I am working 2 other days along with my usual Saturday,I appreciate Mondays more. So my weekend begins on Saturday afternoon and continues till Monday.Its good,because after school drop-off,Nanya and I can just relax,potter around,do nothing.SD is between assignments and so I have some adult company too.Today,we watched a movie- Hasee toh Phasee..I Loved it.. It had all the right ingredients for me,SD-not so much.He thought it was a little cheesy..oh well,whatever..I LOVED it! And how cute is Siddharth Malhotra ? ohh ohh and Parineeti Chopra is one of my favorite actress now πŸ™‚
The other highlight of my day is that Nanya figured out how to blow bubbles..OMG! yes!just like that..she can blow bubbles now..I mean,she has no business growing up so quickly.Today,she was throwing a tantrum..I don’t even remember why.But when she is upset she goes into her tent and cries.I went to console her and she said to me..”Go Away,Mummy..Go away (from) my room”..Really? When did my ickle baby get so big?
Speaking of big,Aadi doesn’t want me to call her my big girl..she reminded me last night that she is still my little baby and will always be one πŸ™‚ OK Missy! I had to pick her up early from school today,because she was sick,but judging by the noise levels in the house,you’d never know that.The brats are running up and down the corridor,screaming their lungs off,stopping only when Aadi has to cough!
Call me crazy but I love the noise in the house..when they are playing happily,but when there is screaming and fighting,not so much.
The monkeys are finally down for a nap.. and I am going to watch a movie now:)You guessed it- I am on a Movie-Binge this week.
More later

Trying to find my Diwali spirits

I have been feeling a little under the know when you go through the motions but your heart isn’t in it?yeah that’s what I’ve been doing.A friend commented,while we were talking on the phone,that my laugh is different that it’s not the happy wholehearted one… I shot it down,but I know it’s true.
Diwali is less than 4 days away and I have only started decluttering now….hopefully as the clutter disappears,so will the cobwebs around my brain…I know it will work:)
I tried a new recipe from my mom’s cookbook today and it turned out nice..just as I remember…I’ll share the recipe tomorrow.I’ll take photos in the morning and post the recipe.
Oh!And I got a haircut and so did the girls πŸ™‚
Have a look-see and please ignore the chipped nail-polish πŸ™‚


More later,

Hair-cut on my mind..

After going back and forth,as I do,every year,around this time…I have finally booked myself and Ms.Anan for a hair cut.As much as I love her curls,they are hard to tame.So,they have to get a trim. As for me..

My hair looks nice on the days that I have time to run the Instyler or straightner through it.


But on most days,I don’t have the time to style it.And so,it looks like an ad for Frizzy hair. And I just feel so frumpy.So,I am thinking of getting a hair-cut..Not that the blow-waved perfection will last forever..but,still…so these are a few of my choices..

Image courtesy-google imagesThe middle one,but I am guessing,after its washed,it will look like the image on the left.LOL!

And this one -Love Madhuri πŸ˜€

Or this

And last but not the least,My favorite- Jennifer Aniston πŸ˜€

All the Images are Courtesy : Google Image Search

,except the first pic..that’s me πŸ˜€

Now,Can you please help me make up my mind and pick a style??
I look forward to hearing from you πŸ™‚


Wish Heaven had a phone..

Wish Heaven had a phone..

Today would’ve been my mom’s 57th birthday.This morning when I woke up,I checked facebook only to find a photo of hers.My sister had used photoshop and added my mom’s picture to a group photo. OMG!I know it was photo-shopped..I know it was not real..but it was so nice to see my mom in the same frame as my husband and babies..and more importantly my dad.
Seeing that picture made me happy and yet so sad and filled my heart with so much yearning for all that could have been. Not a day goes by when I don’t wish for her to still be alive.In my mind,I go through the various scenarios,that would’ve panned out differently,if she was still here.
Oh dear…how I wish I could just talk to her,update her about the kids activities,tell her how they are driving me up the wall or confer about a new recipe or tell her about what SD said. I have spent most of the day feeling so choked up or crying,every time I looked at the picture..I wish I had a magic wand and I could just change things..Or At least if heaven had a phone,I could just call her and cry and then,she would just ask me to stop it or being a typical mom,ask me to grow up πŸ™‚ And all would be fine.
But no..I don’t have a magic wand and heaven doesn’t have a I’ll just have to pick up the pieces of my broken heart and go on..meeting whatever challenges life throws at me,in the only way I know-head on with a big smile on my face..
Until next time…..

Nanya-speak and more…

Six and a half years ago,when I first started this blog,it was my only voice.I could come here and write about my deepest,darkest feelings.Over the years,I have gone through several writers’ blocks..but not one of them has been as bad as this one. I finally figured it out why..I have started using facebook as a blog..Every little thing that happens,ends up on facebook..the instant comments are addictive!LOL!
Honestly,I started writing this post 3 days back and still haven’t finished it.But then,when I have some time on hand,I like to read my old posts and after one such reading,I realized that I have missed writing about so many of Anan’s milestones and cute activities. I have missed out on writing about conversations with Aadi..And as if this continues,I’ll have literally no written memories of these two years.So,I have penciled in ‘blogging time’ in my day,every single day…a time when I will just do,what I love the most-writing my thoughts out.I’ll turn off facebook and the cellphone(I can access FB from the mobile too).
Anyway,speaking of Ananya,she turned 2 years and 2 months and 2 weeks today. LOL!I didn’t plan to blog today,but its just a happy co-incidence.So my favorite toddler,Anan,ofcourse,calls herself “Nanya” and speaks in Third person about herself- “Nanya no like it”,”Nanya crying”,”Nanya wants chai-coco”.Chai-coco is Nanya-speak for chocolate milk.
I finally weaned her off,two months before her second birthday,but we still struggled to get her to drink cow’s milk.And she starting getting sick- extreme colds,coughs and diarrhea. The cold and cough turned into ear-infection and a repeat ear-infection but the diarrhea didn’t stop,even after the mandatory wait of two weeks after the antibiotics were finished.She lost so much weight and completely went off food. Then,we found out that she was lactose intolerant. So now for about 2 months ( since August first week) we’ve been giving her Lactose free milk.And she loves it.There were no dramas at all about drinking the new milk.And she knows that she cannot drink the other milk. It makes me happy and breaks my heart at the same time,that she is so little,yet she knows.If I am distracted and pick up the wrong milk jar,she yells,”No Mumma,Nanya Want Nanya chai”..And thankfully the diarrhea has disappeared too.
Nanya loves her Aadu..she does.This morning,she was sleeping,when SD dropped Aadi at school.After she woke up,we were getting ready to go out,I dressed her up and she started looking for Aadya and wouldn’t believe me when I told her Aadi was at school.Its heartwarming seeing them hug each other,after school.And it is frustrating,when they fight over the smallest of things.
We had Spring break last 2 weeks and every single day,they would both wake up at 6:30am..EVERY single day of the vacation.And today,the first day of school,I woke up Aadi at 7:45am and she she complained about not getting enough sleep and as for Nanya,I had to wake her up at 9:00 am,because we were getting late for our appointment!LOL
Anyway,its time to go pick up,I better stop..will be back with another post,tomorrow πŸ™‚

1 more Sleep..

Till we head home:)

The last week and this have gone so quickly…:) We had so much fun -sight-seeing,relaxing,eating,relaxing..sleeping in..relaxing:D You get the picture! It was not the typical vacation packed with,this was a break from everyday life that we so needed.

Now we are refreshed and ready to head back home..and have a normal busy day! πŸ™‚ Aadya realised yesterday that soon it will be seeing Papa only on the weekends and we had some tears..Hopefully this phase of our life will end soon..

Hope you all have been well,while we were away..:)


Yes.. thats all that I can think of!!

5 more sleeps till Aadya’s school breaks for the Spring break..and 6 more sleeps till we get on the plane to go to Brisbane!SD Β has work there and we are all going with him.

2 whole weeks of lounging,no cooking,cleaning-no household if only the hotel room came with a Nanny..:D

LOL! I am just kidding! I would go nuts,if a nanny was watching my kids…but I could surely do with an hour or two of Β non-kid time for my crafty pursuits!

So,any Brisby readers here?? I hope you’ll stop by and say hello and tell me,how to keep two super-active kids,entertained for 2 weeks..

Ohh I am so excited..I am so excited…LOL!! I have been a single mom during the week for the last 2 months and can’t wait to be just one of the parents again..:)

Don’t Stare!

Dear Lady in Black,sitting next to us at Costco,
Didn’t anybody ever tell you that staring is rude? Really,nobody??I have never seen anybody glare at a kid,like you did,EVER!! That too at somebody else’s kid!
And if a 4 year old’s chatter bothered you so much,I really pity your kids.Actually,that just explains,why your two beautiful girls were sitting next to you,with sullen faces.
Next time,mind your own business and direct your stares to your own kids and leave my kid alone.

Your table-mate!

What are the odds??

What are the odds that you go out wearing a two year old shirt and run into someone wearing the exact same shirt???
First off,let me tell you,I am not very brand conscious..but I love color in my clothes.And I shop from everywhere.. Around 2 years back,I went shopping with a friend and saw this top and absolutely loved it.Last year when I went to India,my sister liked it too and she kept it. This time,when I went to India,I brought it back!!LOL!
And anyway,yesterday being nice and sunny,I wore it,when I took Aadi to get some lunch.We walked around and were on our way back,when Aadi asked to be taken to Mc.Donalds and thats where we were heading,when I saw a lady asking a local for some directions.We crossed her and stopped to drink some water.Thats when she overtook us and started walking in front of us.And her cardigan flapped a little and I saw her shirt.It looked familiar..I thought..It was similar to the one that I was wearing.
She went to the left and we went to the right. Finally,we crossed the road and entered Mc.Dees…and guess who was in the line before me???
Yup!It was the same lady! She turned and I saw that it was the exact same shirt!!She ordered her food to-go.
Anyway,I also ordered food to-go..but Aadi insisted on sitting in and eating..and who should be sitting at the next table..yes the same person!!
LOL!!I dunno about you,but I was tickled pink..Now,if someone had turned up for a party,wearing the same dress as mine,I would probably not be so happy..but really,what are the odds,that you will see someone wearing the exact same shirt…yeah if its bought at a name brand store..but not something that was bought at one of the smaller shops.
My sister,aunt and cousin,ended up buying the same kurtas,from different Shoppers’ Stop outlets and imagine their surprise when they met up wearing the similar kurtas..albeit in different colors!
Oh well.. that was my bit of excitement…:D
What would be your reaction if you saw someone wear the same outfit as yours…in a place,you are just visiting???No,I dont mean a party..just a holiday somewhere…


Its been more than a week since we came back from India..and it feels like we’ve never been away..well almost..if u don’t peep in the guest-room,you would never know that we were away!The guest-room is where all the bags have been stashed-still unopened.
This time I am in no rush to unpack ..and it feels good to get on a daily basis,without digging in the suitcases.:)
There has been a small shift in the equation,this time..I was elated to go visit family..But,I kept stealing glances,at the place,I call home here.I was happy to be with my family and friends..but,I kept feeling,something is missing..I kept wishing,they were visiting instead…:) And no,its not about Melbourne..its not about Australia..its just about being in your comfort zone in your space.:)I don’t even know,if 10 years down the line,if we will still be here…but for now,this is home..and I love it with all its pluses and minuses!